Virtual Staycation for Seniors in Aged Care

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Hosting a Virtual Boat Cruise or Armchair Travel is a great activity to do in aged care.

With a little bit of planning, this can be one of the most rewarding activities you can do as an activity coordinator.

How to host a Virtual Staycation Cruise

– Talk to your residents about what countries and destinations appeal to them for a cruise.

– Some popular countries might be Italy, India, Jamaica, Greece, America & Spain. 

– You can do a different destination every month, reusing some of the props we will prepare.

Prepare the Passports

Create a handmade passport and boarding pass for each of the residents. These can be one you draw up and photocopy yourself, or you can use this one: 

Decorate the Activity Room

Decorate the activity room like the inside of a cruise ship.

– Create a red carpet walkway that the residents walk along to enter the ship. 

– Hang Flags

– Create cardboard cutouts of an anchor and life bouy.

– Create ‘Seaview’ scene on painted fabric. 

– Turn doors into ship doors.  

Print out a Deck Plan

Print out a deck plan about the ship they are traveling on. Decking information shows the levels and rooms on the ship to give them the feeling they are really on board, print these out with their itinerary and place on the table. You can print some ready-made deck plans from this site. https://www.cruisemapper.com/deckplans

Luggage Labels

Create: Luggage labels, Housekeeping information, Foreign Currency.

Host a Captains Table Event

Host a Captain’s Table event with themed cuisine and fancy dress.

Create a Questionnaire

Create a questionnaire for the end of the trip to see what impact it has made on your residents

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