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    Here is a nice and easy activity to enjoy with your residents in aged care, you may need a volunteer or activity assistant to do this with some seniors who need that extra support.

    This is a good 1:1 activity or great in a group. Print out sheets for able residents to fill in, in their own time.

    Or for a group activity you can write the answers on a whiteboard for everyone to see, residents can call out their answers and that also encourages other residents to think about the question and call out an answer.

    Use a large whiteboard for this activity and make a list from the top – A to Z

    Start with A and ask the group what kind of job or occupation starts with A?

    Some answers might be – Artist, Anthropologist, Accountant, Actor.

    When you have exhausted all your A’s start on B, writing the answers on the board next to B – Baker, Butcher, Barrister etc. Some letters will be much harder to do than others.

    You could also use this activity to name ‘Flowers’ from A to Z or ‘Peoples Names’ from A to Z.

    This gets everyone thinking and interacting together and it’s a lot of fun!

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