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    Are you searching for an exciting way to celebrate America’s favorite pastime with seniors in aged care? Our American Football Quiz is the touchdown activity you’ve been looking for!

    Designed to spark memories, stimulate conversation, and test knowledge about the game we love, it’s a surefire hit with seniors and caregivers alike. Whether in a group or one-on-one setting, it’s easy to set up. Gather your residents or loved ones and let the American Football Quiz kickoff some fun!

    An A4 printable version of the quiz can be found at the bottom of this page.

    1.What is the record for the most Super Bowls won by a team?

    Answer: The Pittsburgh Steelers hold the record.

    2. How long is each half of a football game?

    Answer: Each half of a football game lasts 30 minutes.

    3. Who is the most decorated playoff MVP?                     

    Answer: Tom Brady is the most decorated playoff MVP with four MVP awards

    4. What is a blitz?                                                                            

    Answer: A blitz is when the other team sends more players than usual to try to sack the quarterback.

    5. How do you score a field goal?                                              

    Answer: A field goal is scored by kicking the ball through the goal post.

    6. How many points is a touchdown worth?                                

    Answer: A touchdown is worth 6 points.

    7. What is the most common way to score in American football?

    Answer: Scoring a touchdown.

    8. What is a “Hail Mary” pass in American football?        

    Answer: A “Hail Mary” pass is a long, typically desperation pass thrown towards the end zone in the final moments of a game when a team is losing. It’s an attempt to score a touchdown in a single play.

    9. What is an interception?

    Answer: An interception occurs when the other team catches the ball that we throw.

    10. What is a sack?

    Answer: A sack is when the other team tackles the quarterback before he can throw the ball.

    11. What is a fumble?

    Answer: A fumble occurs when the ball is dropped or knocked out of the player’s hands.

    12. What is a penalty?

    Answer: A penalty is incurred when a team breaks one of the game’s rules.

    13. What is the purpose of the offensive line in American football?

    Answer: The offensive line’s primary purpose is to protect the quarterback and create openings for running backs by blocking the opposing team’s defenders.

    14. What is a fair catch?

    Answer: A fair catch happens when we catch the ball on the kickoff or punt, and we don’t run with it.

    15. What is a touchback?

    Answer: A touchback is when we kick the ball to the other team, and they touch it down in their own end zone.

    16. What is the difference between a tackle and a touchback?

    Answer: A tackle is when a player stops the other team from advancing the ball by hitting them, while a touchback is when the other team kicks the ball to us, and we touch it down in our own end zone.

    17. How many players are on the field per team?

    Answer: There are 11 players on the field per team.

    18. What is a first down?

    Answer: A first down is reached when the other team advances to the 10-yard line.

    19. What is a touchdown?

    Answer: It’s when the other team scores 6 points by running or passing the ball into the end zone.

    20. What is the difference between a field goal and a touchdown?

    Answer: A field goal is worth 3 points, while a touchdown is worth 6 points.

    21. What is a punt?

    Answer: A punt is when the other team kicks the ball to us, and we catch it and then punt it back to them.

    22. Who is the most famous American football player?     

    Answer: Peyton Manning holds that title.

    23. In American football, what does the term “red zone” refer to?

    Answer: The “red zone” in American football is the area between the opponent’s 20-yard line and the end zone. It’s a critical area on the field where teams often attempt to score touchdowns because they are close to the goal line.

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    Download your printable PDF copy of American Football Quiz for Seniors in Aged Care