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    Beer drinking can be a fun social event, many seniors have fond memories of sharing a beer with friends around their local pub throughout their life, let’s bring back those memories and celebrate the fun of International Beer Day in aged care!

    Observe that some cultures and religious groups may be sensitive to the consumption of alcohol so always plan an alternative activity for those not wanting to attend International Beer Day.

    When to Celebrate?

    International Beer Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday in August.

    Send out official invitations

    Send out invitations to all the residents and staff before the big event. We have prepared an invitation for you, just click the image below save it and print. We have left space at the bottom for you to fill in any extra details.

    Print this invitation


    Present your activity room or bar with decorations for the day.
    Blow up beer mugs, beer flags, print a few posters, gold balloons and streamers. Get some of the residents to assist you with your setting up area. We have selected fun some decoration items you can order direct from amazon.

    Share some funny Beer related jokes!

    Sharing a beer is all about good times and good laughs so let’s share some funny beer and hangover jokes! Here is a collection of jokes we have prepared for you to print out and share.

    Have an International Beer selection including light drinks

    Choose a few famous beers from around the world. Australia’s Fosters, Mexico’s Corona, USA’s Budweiser and Ireland’s Guinness!
    Supply a few non-alcoholic beers light Heineken Zero and offer shandy’s (beer and lemonade) for those wanting something lighter.

    Beer Snacks

    Serve up a few light snacks to compliment your beer, nuts, crisps, and pretzels are a favorite.

    Have a Beer Sing-along!

    Get a fun beer song playlist together, Polka, Waltz, Country and German Beer songs are popular, as well as Slim Dusty’s “Pub with no Beer.” Anything that has a feel-good theme and will get them singing!

    Below is a youtube playlist we have selected for you.

    Reminisce on days gone by

    Encourage some conversation about a time in their life when they enjoyed sharing a beer with friends.

    “Did you have a favourite local pub to enjoy a beer after work or on weekends?”

    “What was your favourite beer to drink at the pub?”

    “Did you meet your wife or husband at the local pub?”

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