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    Ready to revisit the memory lane? I sure hope that you are! If so, Buckle up as we challenge our memories through the Children’s Songbook Quiz specifically made to arouse the minds of our Seniors in Aged care!

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    Test your knowledge of these children’s songs. Throughout the quiz, you will be able to reminisce about the songs you sang as a child or songs you sang with your children. After every question encourage everyone to sing the songs that bring back memories. 

    Don’t forget to Download the Free PDF Version of the Quiz at the end of the blog for a fuller experience!

    The Importance of a Nostalgic Journey

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    Though this quiz brings nostalgia in the hearts of our beloved seniors, it is important to note that the familiarity of these songs not only brings comfort but also fosters a sense of identity and continuity providing a valuable connection to their history.

    Children’s Songbook Quiz for Seniors is a heartwarming and therapeutic activity, reliving the memories that once brought smiles to Seniors in Aged Care.

    Ready? Answer the Children’s Songbook Quiz Now!

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    1. Finish this line. Here we go round the Mulberry bush on a ?

    (A) Cold and frosty morning

    2. One, two, three, four, five , once I ?

    (A) Caught a fish alive

    3. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten then I?

    (A) Threw him back again

    4. There were ten in the bed and the little one said?

    (A) Roll over, roll over

    5. This old man he played one, he played nick knack on my drum, with a nick knack paddy whack?

    (A) Give a dog a bone. This old man came rolling home

    6. Sing a song a sixpence a pocket full of rye. How many blackbird were baked in a pie?

    (A) Four and twenty blackbirds

    7. Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a pony. Finish the sentence?

    (A) Stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni.

    8. The grand old Duke of York , he had 10,000 men. Where did he march them?

    (A) He marched them up to the top of the hill and marched them down again.

    9. Finish the sentence to this song. London Bridge is falling down my?

    (A) Fair lady

    10. Finish this verse. My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my Bonnie lies over the sea, my Bonnie lies over the ocean?

    (A) Oh bring back my Bonnie to me

    Bonus Questions

    11. In the song She’ll be coming round the mountain. What was she driving?

    (A) Six white horses

    12. Finish this line in this song. Oh Susanna, don’t you cry for me. I’ve come from?

    (A) Alabama with my banjo on my knee

    13. What is the next word in this song. Michael row the boat ashore?

    (A) Hallelujah

    14. Home, home on the range, what is seldom heard in this song?

    (A) A discouraging word

    15. Do your ears hang low do they wobble to and fro, can you?

    (A) Tie them in a knot can you tie them in a bow

    16. What was the dogs name? There was a farmer had a dog and —— was his name o?

    (A) BINGO

    Key Takeaway

    Going through the activity reveals the fact that nostalgia enhances senior’s well-being. The familiar children’s songs act as a musical time machine, unlocking treasured memories and providing a sense of comfort.

    This journey isn’t just a quiz for the brain, but it’s a therapeutic experience promoting joy, social connection, and emotional well-being for our beloved seniors in aged care.

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    Download your printable PDF copy of Children’s Songbook Quiz for Seniors in Aged Care