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    A very easy Christmas craft to do with your residents is to make old fashioned paper chains.

    I found that the seniors with dementia loved doing this activity very much. Every year before Christmas we bought out the paper chain and added more links making it longer every year.

    When we would hang up our paper chains each Christmas It was nice to see messages and names of past and present residents decorated on the paper chain links it would bring back nice memories.

    How to make a Christmas Paper Chain

    Coloured card makes a good chain and the chain will last for many Christmases.

    Cut the coloured card into strips and let everyone decorate the strips with patterns, stickers and glitter.

    You can use little Christmas stickers for decoration, these can be easily purchased from a $2 shop as well as glitter and coloured felt pens for everyone to use.

    Encourage the residents to write special messages along the cardboard strips as well as their name.

    Once the strips are decorated, make a loop and glue them together. Joining each new loop to the other as you go.

    Hang them around your Christmas Tree and pin them across the wall or windows. 

    We hope you enjoy this Christmas activity. 

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