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    Sometimes it’s a challenge to find something for aged care residents to make that they can manage, this craft activity is easy and looks great. Everyone’s decorations can be placed up on the wall to admire and celebrate Christmas. The paper doilies were purchased for $2 – for a pack of 20 at discount stores and all Christmas decorations were bought at an op shop goodwill store cheaply or bought in from home.

    Materials needed:

    • Paper Doilies
    • Glue Gun / Glue Stick
    • Scissors
    • Christmas supplies like:
      Wrapping paper or decorative paper
      Soft Felt Ornaments
    • Ruler


    Cut Christmas paper or decorative paper into 25cm by 25cm squares.

    Glue each square to a piece of cardboard the same size.

    These can be pre-glued by the staff and then distributed to the residents.

    Give everyone a 19cm paper doily and glue it to the decorative square of paper.

    Have a selection of Christmas stickers, glitter, small decorations, and short pieces of ribbon, tinsel etc

    Encourage everyone to decorate their doily the way they would like.

    When the glue has dried place the decorations on the wall in groups around the room to create a Christmas vibe.

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