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    Calling all activity coordinators and hat enthusiasts! Memory Lane Therapy presents a fun Hat Quiz for Seniors in Aged Care to test your knowledge.  Whether you’re a fashion aficionado or simply enjoy a stylish topper, this quiz is perfect for an engaging activity session. 

    Get ready to challenge your residents with questions about different hat styles, famous hat-wearers, and maybe even a few surprises! It’ll be a fun way to spend some time together, and who knows, you might learn something new.

    There is an A4 printable version of the quiz found via the link at the bottom of this page.

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    Test your knowledge! What do you know about Hats?

    1. What is the occupation name for someone that makes hats? (A) Milliner

    2. What type of hat did Charlie Chaplin wear? (A) Bowler

    3. Give another name for a Scottish beret? (A) Tam-o-shanter

    4. What name is given to headwear that is worn to protect the head? (A) Helmet

    5. What is a Trilby? (A) A soft felt narrow brimmed hat 

    6. Who was the actress & singer from Brazil that loved to wear fruit on her hats? (A) Carmen Miranda

    7. What trimming made the Queen Mother’s hats famous? (A) Ostrich feathers

    8. Turbans are a popular hat worn in which country? (A) India

    9. A gentleman’s hat named after what pie? (A) Pork pie hat

    10. A large Spanish or South American hat worn by cowboys? (A) Sombrero

    11. What small cap takes its name from a Shakespeare play? (A) Juliet cap

    12. How many gallons are in a popular cowboy hat? (A) 10 gallon

    13. What is the flat square hat that university graduates wear with a tassel? (A) Mortar board

    14. What type of hat did Sherlock Holmes wear? (A) Deerstalker

    15. What kind of hat is a beanie? (A) Knitted cap

    16. Jacqueline Kennedy loves wearing what kind of box hat? (A) Pillbox hat

    17. A formal hat worn by men, it is tall and flat crowned often worn to compliment a tails jacket ? (A) Top hat

    18. What is a Bishop’s hat called? (A) Mitre

    19. An Australian bush hat made of rabbit felt fur? (A) Akubra hat

    20. Often worn to the races or weddings, an alternative to a hat, a woman’s elaborate, ornamental  headpiece mounted on a band or hair clip? (A) Fascinator 

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    Download your printable PDF copy of Hat Quiz for Seniors in Aged Care