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    Weddings are perhaps one of the most beautiful things in life. Generations have cherished this celebration of love, unity, and commitment, creating treasured memories that we carry throughout our lives. In order to appreciate this once in a lifetime event, we offer you a fun and engaging activity that would bring back the wonderful days! With that said, test your knowledge and answer our Wedding Quiz and Reminiscing Questions for Seniors in Aged Care!

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    Recall your unforgettable moments, share your experiences with your friends, and relive the love that you once shared with your significant other. Download our Free Downloadable PDF Version of this quiz for a fuller experience!

    Answer Wedding Quiz Now!

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    1. The grooms right hand man and supporter on his wedding day is known as who?
    (A) The Best Man

    2. The head bridesmaid in the wedding party is also known as?
    (A) The Maid of Honor (single) if she is a married woman, she is known as a Matron of Honor

    3. Who Traditionally walks the bride down the aisle at a wedding?
    (A) Bride’s Father

    4. Very young attendants in the bridal party a boy and a girl are known as what?
    (A) Page Boy, Flower Girl

    5. What is draped on the wedding car traditionally from windows to bonnet?
    (A) Ribbon

    6. The bride and grooms car is sometimes decorated by guests with a just married sign on the back and a string with what attached to drag behind the vehicle?
    (A) Cans

    7. What type of cake is a traditional wedding cake?
    (A) Fruit Cake

    8. What is common to be seen placed on the top of the wedding cake?
    (A) Bride and groom cake topper

    9. Finish the saying: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something ____?
    (A) Blue

    10. What is the holiday called that the married couple go on after their wedding?
    (A) Honeymoon


    11. What is the name of the place in Scotland you could elope and get married if you are under 21 without your parents consent?
    (A) Gretna Green

    12. What famous city in Nevada can you be married by an Elvis Presley impersonator?
    (A) Las Vegas

    13. What is the extra length of fabric that extends from the back of the wedding dress and trails behind as you walk called?
    (A) Train

    14. When the bride throws her bouquet into the crowd of single women what does it mean for the person that catches it?
    (A) They will marry next

    15. Who traditionally paid for a wedding?
    (A) Bride’s parents

    16. A rainy wedding day is said to bring?
    (A) Good luck

    17. Chinese brides wear what color dress?
    (A) Red

    18. When you are getting married it can be said you are tying the what?
    (A) Knot

    19. A popular song was “Get me to the Church”?
    (A) On Time

    20. The most popular flower chosen for a wedding bouquet is?
    (A) Rose

    Reminiscing Questions

    two elderly couple dressed in wedding attire

    Our Wedding Day is one of the most exciting and memorable days of our lives, the following questions can encourage everyone to share their memories of their special day. Here are some questions to get the conversation going.

    • Where did you meet your husband or wife?
    • Was it love at first sight or did it take a while for the relationship to grow?
    • How long is a typical courting period before marriage?
    • Did you get married in a church, register office, or somewhere else?
    • Did you wear a wedding dress or your best dress?
    • Did your wedding have a reception, wedding breakfast or afternoon tea?
    • Did you go on a honeymoon? If so, where did you go?
    • Where did you live after getting married?
    • What kind of gifts were given to you for wedding presents?

    Wedding Quiz and Reminiscing Questions Takeaways

    Weddings are timeless celebrations that unite us in love, joy, and hope for the future. By reminiscing about weddings, seniors in aged care can relive cherished memories, share wisdom, and celebrate the enduring power of love. This Wedding Quiz and Reminiscing Questions will help them appreciate even the small things in life.

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    Whether through quizzes or heartfelt conversations, let’s honor the beauty of love through the ages and create moments of joy and connection for our seniors. Let us treasure and relive the priceless memories that we always carry throughout or lives.

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