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    Ciao activity coordinators and seniors! Are you a fan of the famous country Italy? Maybe you were born in Italy, you enjoy their famous cuisines, you are interested in their history, or you loved going there for wonderful holidays. If so, ready your mind because this quiz will test your knowledge about everything Italian. Have some fun and learn something new!

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    Ready? Answer the Italian Quiz Now!

    1. Name the city that the pope resides in?  (A) Vatican City

    2. What is the most common car in Italy?  (A) Fiat

    3. The movie “Three Coins in a Fountain” was filmed around which famous fountain in Rome?  (A) The Trevi Fountain

    4. What is the name of the famous square in Venice?  (A) St Mark’s Square

    5. Name the city famous for its leaning tower?  (A) Pisa

    6. Name the island at the southern tip of Italy?  (A) Sicily

    7. Name the ancient Roman city buried by meters of volcanic ash and frozen in time?  (A) Pompeii

    8. Name the famous ancient Roman amphitheater in the middle of the city of Rome it is one of Italy’s most visited attractions and the largest amphitheater in the world?  (A) The Colosseum

    9. What is the name of the largest Christian church in the Vatican?  (A) St Peter’s Basilica

    10. What was the currency of Italy before the introduction in 2002 of the Euro?  (A) Lira

    11. In which city is the famous Italian opera house?  (A) Milan

    12. What’s the name of the famous palace in Venice?  (A) Palace of the Doges

    13. Which Italian artist has his painting “Mona Lisa” in a Paris Museum?  (A) Leonardo da Vinci

    14. Name the Italian city famous for its canals?  (A) Venice

    15. What is the language of ancient Rome?  (A) Latin

    16. At the foot of Mt Vesuvius is which modern day city?  (A) Naples

    17. What is the name of the chapel in St Peter’s decorated by Michelangelo?  (A) Sistine Chapel 

    18. The Statue of David was sculpted by which famous artist and painter?  (A) Michelangelo

    19. What is the capital of Sicily?  (A) Palermo

    20. In which region would you find the city of Como?  (A) Lombardy 

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