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    Some people find it hard to paint, but with the help of Memory Lane Therapy, it is easier than it looks! Unlock your inner Van Gogh and join us as we go through the steps on how to host a painting workshop designed for seniors in aged care. 

    Invite your friends and start your day with a dazzle of creativity. Ready? Paint!

    elderly man holding painting
    elderly lady painting

    Materials Needed

    Before diving into the painting fun, it’s essential to gather all the necessary materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

    materials needed for Painting Workshop for Seniors in Aged Care
    • Canvases or sturdy paper
    • Paintbrushes in various sizes
    • Acrylic or watercolor paints
    • Water cups for rinsing brushes
    • Paper towels or old cloths for cleanup
      • Optional: Paint palettes or disposable plates for mixing colors
      • Optional: Aprons or old shirts to protect clothing

    Steps on How to Host a Painting Workshop

    1. Set the Scene

    Create a welcoming and comfortable environment for the painting workshop. Choose a well-lit area with ample space for seniors to move around and interact with one another. 

    two elderly woman painting in aged care

    Arrange tables and chairs in a circle or U-shape. After setting up the scene, consider playing soft music in the background to enhance the ambiance and set a relaxing mood. 

    2. Give General Instructions

    Begin the session by providing a brief introduction to the painting workshop and explaining the general program flow. You can also hire or invite an established painter or a painting enthusiast to give a short speech to inspire the spirits of our beloved seniors.

    young man giving speech to seniors in aged care
    image credit: TASCA Activity Center

    3. Provide Guidance

    Create a assistance committee to offer guidance as needed, but allow seniors to work at their own pace and express themselves freely. After that, you can demonstrate basic painting techniques that the seniors can follow.

    4. Videos and Photos for Inspiration

    Here are some videos and photos for inspirational purposes. You can play these clips and print the photos for seniors to view while the workshop is ongoing. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should encourage the participants to explore their creativity and assure them that there are no right or wrong ways to paint.

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    cactus painting
    sea and sun painting

    5. Awarding Ceremony

    Award the seniors who excelled in the workshop with prizes such as medals, art materials, and certificates. Also, make sure to give everyone token of appreciations for attending. Give them certificates or custom-made remembrance that they attended the workshop.

    certificate of excellence for painting activity

    6. Workshop Pictorial

    After the awarding ceremony, have a workshop pictorial. You can provide a space for taking photos or you can even create a photo booth for the workshop. Display the photos to the facility and print some for seniors to keep.

    aged care community holding their paintings

    Benefits of Hosting a Painting Workshop

    Among the array of pros that this activity provides, some of the notable benefits of the painting workshop are the following:

    aged care community painting
    • Stimulates creativity and self-expression
    • Promotes relaxation and stress relief
    • Enhances cognitive function and fine motor skills
    • Fosters social interaction and a sense of belonging
    • Boosts mood and emotional well-being

    Key Takeaway

    Hosting a painting workshop for seniors in aged care is a wonderful way to manifest joy, creativity, and a sense of belongingness for our beloved elderly. By following these simple steps and providing a warm and supportive environment, you can create meaningful experiences that enrich the lives of older adults and bring smiles to their faces. 

    elder women in aged care holding their paintings

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