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    Discover the joys of our fun and engaging activity for seniors – the Gratitude Tree! Learn how to foster a sense of gratitude and create lasting memories through this interactive and uplifting experience. Join us as we explore the benefits of practicing gratitude and share step-by-step instructions to create your own Gratitude Tree. Unleash the power of appreciation and positivity in your senior community today!

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    Materials Needed :

    1. Colorful paper
    2. Markers or pens
    3. Scissors
    4. Adhesive (glue sticks, tape, etc.)
    5. Large poster board or wall space
    6. Optional: Tree template
    7. Optional: Ribbon or string for hanging leaves

    Instruction :

    Step 1: Gather your materials

    Colorful paper, markers, scissors, adhesive, and a large poster board or wall space.

    Step 2: Draw and Cut the Tree Stem

    • Provide each senior with a brown paper or brown construction paper.
    • Encourage them to draw the outline of a tree stem with branches on the brown paper.
    • Once the tree stem is drawn, use scissors to carefully cut it out. This will be the base of the Gratitude Tree.

    Step 3: Create Colorful Leaves and Express Gratitude

    • Offer a selection of colorful paper sheets to the seniors.
    • They can draw leaf shapes directly on the paper or use a printed leaf template for guidance.
    • Once they have drawn the leaves, help them cut the shapes out neatly.
    • After Cutting the leaves, Hand out markers or pens in various colors.
    • Invite the seniors to write things they are grateful for on each leaf.
    • Encourage them to take their time and reflect on their blessings.

    Step 4: Assemble the Gratitude Tree:

    • Provide a large poster board or designate a wall space as the backdrop for the tree.
    • Help seniors position the tree trunk on the poster board or wall.
    • Show them how to arrange the leaves around the branches, creating a Gratitude Tree display.

    Display and Enjoy

    Hang your beautiful Gratitude Tree display and enjoy the heartwarming moments it brings. Let its vibrant leaves and meaningful messages serve as a constant source of inspiration, reminding you of the countless reasons to be thankful. Embrace the power of gratitude daily, and let it fill your heart with joy and contentment. Share this uplifting experience with others, and together, let’s spread positivity and appreciation wherever we go. Celebrate the blessings in your life and cherish the sense of community this activity has nurtured. May the Gratitude Tree be a symbol of love, happiness, and thankfulness for all to see and cherish!

    Here is an easy to follow instruction video

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