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    Here at Memory Lane Therapy, we believe that art is best enjoyed if it’s paired with your favorite refreshments. Don’t you agree? If so, Sip & Paint Activity for Seniors is perfect for you! This art activity has become very popular this year with many groups. It’s reasonably affordable and a very social gathering, It takes your art & craft activity to a new level.

    woman painting in aged care

    Get ready to unleash your inner artist while sipping your favorite drinks. Gather around, pick up your paint brushes, and let the magic begin!

    Materials for Sip & Paint Activity

    Gather your materials like a maestro preparing for a symphony. These materials can be found at the comfort of your home or at your local store. You’ll need:

    materials needed for Sip and Paint Activity for Seniors in Aged Care

    -Drinks Cart
    -Canvases or blank paper
    -Paintbrushes of various sizes
    -Non-toxic acrylic paints in an array of hues
    – Palette to hold your vibrant concoctions.

    Don’t forget to provide aprons or smocks to protect clothing and easels to display masterpieces in progress

    6 Keys to hosting a successful Sip & Paint

    1. Arrange Seating

    Arrange chairs along or around a table, leaving some gaps for wheelchairs to join in. Make sure that your table has enough space for the art materials and the refreshments.

    Group of seniors doing sip and paint

    2. Serve Refreshments

    Let’s get this paint party started by serving the drinks! The fun element of Sip & Paint is that, after a sip, participants tend to lose their inhibitions and any nervousness about painting allowing their creative energy to flow. Also, you can serve cheese, crackers, and fruit on individual small plates.

    two elderly ladies drinking lemonade
    group of seniors painting in aged care

    3. Prepare the Canvas

    To make it simpler for our beloved seniors, we encourage you to apply a simple stencil to the canvas so the participants can follow the lines or paint a black background.

    elderly man painting butterfly

    3. Provide Inspiration

    Prepare a finished canvas or picture to inspire the participants. Keep it simple. It could be a simple pattern of a butterfly, a flower, or even a tree. Make sure to offer gentle guidance and support during the process.

    a butterfly, tree, and flower painting

    4. Set Up Art Supplies

    Arrange art supplies including an easel, a small canvas, paint trays with a variety of colored paints (acrylic, water-based), paint brushes, water to clean brushes, and aprons to keep residents’ clothes clean while painting.

    group of aged care staff

    6. Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

    Play nice music in the background. It could be mind-stimulating classical music or relaxation backgrounds to upgrade the atmosphere.

    Sip & Paint Video Inspirations!

    Looking for more inspiration? Here’s a video we found for you. Feel free to mimic the vibe or improvise for your own taste. Let the magic begin!

    @creativesippin11832 #chicagosbestpaintandsip #paintandsip #paintandsipparty #paintforfun ♬ original sound – creativesippin11832

    The Benefits of Sip & Paint Activity

    elderly lady holding a vase painting

    More than just the strokes of paint on canvas, the true beauty of this activity are the benefits it provides for seniors in aged care. Some of the notable benefits are the following:

    -promotes cognitive function
    -promotes dexterity, and
    -improves emotional well-being

    Key Takeaways

    Now that you know the steps on how to host a successful Sip & Paint Activity, it’s time to get ready and host your own Sip and Paint activity for seniors in aged care. Embrace the opportunity to provide joy, engage with the community, and develop the creativity that resides within each individual.

    group of elderly ladies holding their bird paintings

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