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    Happy Easter everyone! Here is a fun Quiz we have created for your Easter Celebrations.
    We hope you and your senior residents in aged care have a fun day!

    Click the link at the bottom of this page for the printable version.

    How many days does Lent last for?
    (A) 40

    Maundy Thursday is known to honor the?
    (A) The last supper

    The Sunday a week before Easter is known as?
    (A) Palm Sunday

    Jesus was heard to say on the cross, Father forgive them?..
    (A) As they know not what they do

    The week before Easter is known as what week?
    (A) Holy week.

    The Jewish holiday that falls around the same time as Easter is known as?
    (A) Passover

    What is the name of the person who betrayed Jesus for silver?
    (A) Judas Iscariot

    Over Easter what day of the week is known as the good day?
    (A) Good Friday

    Who found Jesus tomb empty?
    (A) Mary Magdalene

    Name the hill where Jesus was crucified?

    (A) Calvary

    Which person denied knowing Jesus 3 times?
    (A) Peter

    Who authorised the crucifixion of Jesus?
    (A) Pontius Pilate

    A famous Russian jeweler created a famous egg known as the?
    (A) Faberge Egg

    Why is Easter known as the moveable feast?
    (A) The date changes every year

    What bird lays the largest eggs?
    (A) Ostrich

    Who wrote the children’s book “Green eggs and ham”?
    (A) Dr. Seuss

    What is traditionally eaten by Christians on Good Friday?
    (A) Fish

    Most children leave out milk and biscuits for Santa what do you think they leave out for Easter Bunny?
    (A) Carrots

    Why are chocolate bunnies made hollow?
    (A) They are cheaper to make and easier to eat

    Which actor and actress starred in the fantastic movie Easter Parade?
    (A) Fred Astaire & Judy Garland

    What egg-shaped candy became popular in the 1930’s? A hint it’s not chocolate, it’s small and comes in lots of colours, some people don’t like the black ones and some people love only the black ones?
    (A) Jellybeans

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