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    Searching for an Enjoyable and Easy craft activity that our beloved seniors in our aged care can partake in? Look no further! We present an enchanting way to make Father’s Day truly memorable.

    Our Father’s Day Paper Ribbon Award activity can be crafted by our dear seniors themselves and later presented to the distinguished gentlemen on their special day.

    The instructions are tailored to ensure that this activity is not only enjoyable but also highly accessible for seniors, making it an ideal choice for a heartwarming celebration.

    Click the link at the bottom of this article for the A4 printable version.

    Materials Needed:

    • 2 sheets of red paper (or any other color)
    • yellow paper
    • black marker
    • scissors
    • glue

    Step by Step Instructions:

    1.Prepare the Paper Strips:

    • Fold the red sheet of paper in half, along the longer side.
    • This way the center will be marked, now cut along the middle to get two long strips of paper.
    • Start folding the sheet of paper (the strip) making accordion folds all the way till the end.
    • Repeat the same accordion folding process with the second paper strip.

    2.Assembling the Rosettes:

    • Push the “accordion” together (close it). Fold it in half.
    • Gently push the accordion folds of both paper strips together to close the fans.
    • Fold each fan in half and apply glue along one side of the fold.
    • This will hold the folded paper in place.

    3.Joining the Fans:

    • With both fans now prepared, position them in a way that they overlap slightly.
    • Apply glue to the overlapped portions and hold them together for a brief period to allow the glue to set. This forms the base of the award ribbon rosette.

    4.Adding the Central Design:

    • Cut a circle out of the yellow paper.
    • Ensure that the circle is slightly smaller than the rosette you’ve created.
    • Using the black marker, write a heartfelt message such as “Best Dad Award” or “World’s Greatest Dad” on the yellow circle.
    • Apply glue to the back of the yellow circle and gently press it onto the center of the rosette. Allow the glue to set, securing the central design in place.

    5.Crafting the Ribbons:

    • Cut two ribbon shapes out of the red paper. These ribbons will dangle from the bottom of the rosette.
    • Apply glue to the back of the rosette and attach the ribbon shapes securely.


    Crafting a DIY award ribbon for Father’s Day in your aged care center is a meaningful activity that can bring joy to both the creators and recipients. By following these organized steps and utilizing simple materials, the residents can create a heartfelt token of appreciation for the special men in their lives. This craft not only engages and celebrates the creative spirit of the seniors but also fosters a sense of connection and warmth within the community.

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