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    This art and craft activity is a lot of fun to facilitate for seniors in aged care.

    Simple art activities like this can be rewarding as they are easy to do and allow residents a great opportunity to get creative while handling and observing beautiful flowers.

    Both the flowers and the craft inspire good conversation and allow for some good reminiscing.

    It can be done a few different ways and on a few different canvases, we will explore the materials and method in this presentation.

    Materials needed:

    1. Fresh Flowers and plants – Pansys work well as they are colourful and come in many colours. You can also use dandelions, marigolds and roses. The green leaves and stems can also be used.

    2. Small lightweight Hammer, a rubber mallet or rolling pin is also suitable.

    3. A plastic sheet or wax paper. Masking tape also works for smaller art pieces.

    4. Water colour paper as your canvas, this activity can also work on fabric like a T-shirt etc.

    5. Some protection to go under the paper when you are hammering. A notepad, magazine or cutting board works well.


    1. Arrange the flowers on your watercolour paper however you like.

    2. Once you have arranged the flowers the way you like. Place the wax paper or plastic over the top.

    3. Hammer over the flowers. Supervise and remind your group to be mindful of hands and nails not to be injured by the hammer.

    4. Remove the covering to reveal the beautiful work of art.

    We have also provided a short video demonstration video below.

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