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    Festivals hold spirits of life! As we celebrate Hanukkah, our Free Downloadable Hanukkah Word Search offers fun and exciting experiences for our seniors to indulge with cultures and traditions mixed with brain stimulating activities!

    A Festive Experience for Seniors

    Hanukkah is all about praise, prayers, feast, and thanksgiving. To embrace the celebration, a brain stimulation is a must. Hitting two birds with one stone, we celebrate the “Festival of Lights” or Hanukkah, and we stimulate our minds with the Hanukkah Word Search at the same time! Crafted for seniors, this activity is specified in order for them to experience the festive spirit whenever, wherever.

    Click the link below to download your two (2) color page activity.

    Hanukkah Word Search Puzzle Activity
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    Download your printable PDF copy of Hanukkah Word Search Activity for Seniors