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    Welcome, Aged Care Coordinators! Every four years, we are gifted an extra day in February – Leap Day! While this phenomenon might seem like just a quirk of the calendar, it carries a fascinating history and presents a unique opportunity for engagement and enjoyment, especially for our beloved seniors in aged care facilities. Let’s delve into some Leap Year trivia and discover fun games to make the most of this special day!

    February 29, 2024 leap year encircled

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    Interesting Things You May Not Know

    Here are some interesting facts to share with your residents about Leap Years. Share and make the 29th of February a fun and interesting day. Ask if they have any interesting facts, they have heard that they can share with everyone. Ask if there are any Leapers or Leaplings among the residents in the group.

    Women Can Propose

    On February 29th, women have the opportunity to propose to the man they want to marry. Various European countries, especially in upper-class society, impose a customary penalty on men who decline a proposal on Leap Day. Tradition dictates that a man who rejects a woman’s proposal on the 29th of February must purchase her twelve pairs of gloves. A tradition of wearing gloves that concealed the absence of an engagement ring and covered women’s hands was even enforced by law during the Middle Ages.

    Woman covering man's eyes

    Specific Dress Code

    On an auspicious day like this, there may be a specific dress code to consider when proposing. Scottish tradition advises women proposing to wear a red petticoat beneath their dress. This vibrant color is alluring and grab their partner’s attention.

    A red skirt for leap year

    Leaper Babies

    In certain cultures, the birth of a child on February 29th during a leap year, known as a Leaper or Leapling, is associated with good luck. Most individuals born on this day celebrate their birthdays on either February 28th or March 1st each year. Around 4 million people worldwide fall into the category of Leap Day babies – Leaplings.

    a mother holding a leap year baby

    Unlucky Day

    Certain cultures, like Greece, hold the belief that marrying on February 29th is unlucky and leads to an unfortunate end in divorce.

    wedding rings

    Interestingly, Italy considers Leap Day as an unlucky day.

    written "Unlucky" words

    Many employees who work on leap day do so without compensation since their monthly income does not account for the additional day.

    busy work desk

    Unusual Leap Year Traditions

    On a special day, Taiwanese daughters prepare a meal of pig trotters and noodles for their aging parents to wish them good health and fortune.

    pig trotters and noodles meal

    If someone was born on a leap day and only celebrated their birthday every four years, they would have to wait until they turned 84 in regular years to legally drink in a bar.

    elderly man celebrating birthday

    In 1928, bartender Harry Craddock crafted a special cocktail specifically for leap year at the Savoy Hotel. The ingredients of this cocktail consist of Grand Marnier, sweet vermouth, gin, and lemon juice.


    Leaping Frog Game for 29th of February Leap Day – TABLE GAME

    If you can purchase a couple of these leapfrog games you could have a lot of fun on Leap Day! Have residents play LeapFrog! Give everyone some frogs and see who jumps the most into a bucket. Winner gets chocolate Freddo frogs!

    You can have two games going at once on two different tables. Set a 5-minute time limit to see who can get the most frogs into the bucket

    Leap frogs game
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