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    Whether it’s the date the story was first read (July 4th) or the numbers on the Mad Hatter’s hat (October 6th), there’s no excuse needed to host a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
    This unique and engaging event is perfect for seniors in aged care communities, providing a delightful escape into a land of fantasy and celebration.

    When to Celebrate?

    Alice in Wonderland Day: July 4th
    One special day to consider is Alice in Wonderland Day, celebrated as the day Lewis Carroll first shared his story with his friend Henry’s daughter, Alice Liddell. This day provides an opportunity to delve into the mind of the author and explore the magical ideas behind his beloved children’s book.

    National Mad Hatter Day: October 6th
    Mad Hatter’s Day is a whimsical and fun-filled day inspired by the character of the Mad Hatter. The date itself, “10/6,” is a reference to the price tag on the Mad Hatter’s hat in the original illustrations.

    Planning the Perfect Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Aged Care

    Dress the Part

    Encourage all staff to dress up as characters from Alice in Wonderland. From the Mad Hatter to the Cheshire Cat, embrace the whimsical and fantastical nature of the story. Leading up the event residents and staff can get together to create hats.


    Transform a corner of the room into a delightful photo booth, complete with whimsical props and themed backdrops, allowing residents to step into the enchanting world of Wonderland. Encourage participants to strike playful poses, donning their fantastic hats or rabbit ears, as they celebrate the festivities. The photo booth becomes a hub of laughter and joy, providing a fun and interactive experience that captures the spirit of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and creates cherished keepsakes for residents to treasure for years to come.

    2 old women smiling in colorful dresses


    Print out decorated tea party invitations, urging everyone not to be late for a very important date. Invite them to join you in Wonderland for an afternoon of enchantment. Save our invitation below and print for your event.


    Create a truly immersive experience by adorning the room and tables with black and white checkered plastic tablecloths. Consider involving residents in a craft group to help create unique decorations. For more inspiration, Pinterest offers a plethora of decoration ideas, and you can also find pre-made party decorations on Amazon. Print out fun signs inspired by the movie and hang the around the room.

    High Tea

    Request a delightful high tea menu from the kitchen, complete with dainty sandwiches and beautifully decorated cakes. Serve the treats on old China cups and saucers, and cake plates for an added touch of elegance.

    Hats and Rabbit Ears

    Engage residents in a craft activity a week before the party, where they can make or decorate hats to wear to the Mad Hatter’s Party. Consider awarding a prize for the best hat, or provide rabbit ears as an alternative accessory.

    Quiz Time

    Test residents’ knowledge of the story with a fun and interactive quiz about Alice in Wonderland. Offer prizes for correct answers to keep the excitement going.
    Here is a quiz we have prepared for you.

    Alice in Wonderland Quiz (1)


    Organize classic party games like croquet or pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat to entertain and engage the residents. Or create your own fun game idea, here is a “Down the Rabbit Hole” game where each cup has a prize, residents throw balls and if they land in the cup they win a prize.

    Movie Magic

    Conclude the day by watching a movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Choose the Disney version, “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland,” or the latest Tim Burton rendition, based on the preferences of your residents.

    Remember, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is a whimsical and imaginative event that allows residents to step into the enchanting world of Alice in Wonderland. It’s an opportunity for them to embrace their inner child and create lasting memories. So, put on your best hat, pour a cup of tea, and let the magic unfold!

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