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    Make it a regular event

    I’m often asked what to do for a Seniors Men’s Club in aged care.
    First of all, I always ran our Men’s Club one afternoon a week. We meet in an area reserved for the men. Beers, wine, cool drinks & snacks are supplied.

    Invite a Guest Speaker

    If available I would invite a gentleman from the community to be a guest speaker, maybe someone that could bring in interesting things to show and talk about.
    Once I had a young physio student on work experience who rode a motorbike he was happy to bring it into our residence so the men could look at it and ask him questions which inspired them to share stories of their motorbike riding days.

    Classic Cars

    Most men love cars and seeing an old classic from their younger days is a great way for them to reminisce. There may be a local classic can event you could visit or someone in the community may have an old restored vehicle they would be willing to bring in and show.

    Hobbies & Games for Men’s Club in aged care

    Here are some men’s club activities that I had a great experience with in aged care:

    Our local Hardware store donated wooden kits and showed the men how to make small timber projects to put together.

    I purchased a horse racing DVD game which we played with play money, you would place your bets on a large whiteboard then play the DVD to see who was the winner, by the end of the afternoon the person with the most play money was the best punter for the day. I invited an ex-jockey to come in and help run the game as I had quite a few keen horse racing residents at the time and they had a lot of fun! 

    Sometimes we would go down to our activity room and play carpet bowls, indoor golf or pool, we were lucky enough to have a pool table donated to our facility. If you have a bus you could take the men out for the afternoon on a men’s only bus trip.

    Simple games like Chess, Monopoly and Scabble can also be a good option.

    Keeping in Simple

    Sometimes they are happy just gathering around the table together, having a few drinks and reminiscing about past working occupations, cars, time spent in the forces, chat about the weekly news, how times have changed, the subjects are endless. It’s nice just to let them spend their special men’s only time together.

    The Toolshed Aquapaint Set

    This is an ideal activity for the men living with dementia, the tool themed paint canvases encourage conversation about days spent working with tools. The Aquapaint sets are easy to use and can be reused over and over. Available for purchase in our store.

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