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    Are you caring for someone living with the early stages of Alzheimer’s and looking for ways to keep the mind active and engaged?

    This is the first installment of our daily “Mind Workout” series, which will be a series of easy crossword puzzles designed specifically for seniors with early stages of Alzheimer’s. If you enjoy this crossword and want to be notified as we release more in this series please remember to sign up to our weekly newsletter.

    This crossword puzzle features simple clues and answers, doing them daily will help promote healthy cognitive function. The clues range from everyday items to well-known personalities, and the crossword is designed to be completed in one sitting.

    Print out multiple copies and enjoy a crossword puzzle session with friends or family members. Crosswords are a great way to stimulate the mind and improve mental agility, and our easy crossword puzzle is the perfect way to get started.

    Download our free “Mind Workout: Easy Crossword for Seniors with Early Stages of Alzheimer’s” today and start exercising your brain!

    Click the link below for the A4 printable version.

    1. Season with falling leaves
    2. Popular breakfast food made from oats
    3. Tool used to cut grass
    4. Large, white bird known for its long neck
    5. Place where you can borrow books
    6. Object used to tell time

    1. Small, red fruit often used in pies
    2. Small, winged insect that buzzes around flowers
    3. Common household pet, often purrs

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    Download your printable PDF copy of Mind Workout #1: Easy Crossword for Seniors with Early Stages of Alzheimer’s