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    Music is a cornerstone of my therapy program as an Activity Coordinator in aged care. Our Sing-along for Seniors program is a powerful tool for connecting with residents living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s incredible to see people who struggle to communicate find their voice through song. Music Therapy is truly a rewarding activity.

    seniors doing music therapy
    Debbie singing along with residents at Bethanie Aged Care 

    Over the years I had trialed many different Sing-along for Seniors products. I have observed what the residents in care enjoyed best. This eventually led me to create Memory Lane Therapy. I had a strong background in music, and together with my son Lee (a music producer), we created what we believe is the best Seniors Sing-along available!

    Music Therapy: How Seniors with Dementia & Alzheimer’s Have Benefited from Our Sing-Alongs

    We have produced our Sing-alongs in such a way that they keep the attention of the viewer. We did this through the power of music and visual engagement. 

    With colorful montages of videos and images that they familiarize themselves with from their early years, the Sing-along playlist takes them through a journey of feelings and emotions.

    We have seen residents who aren’t usually socially transformed during the therapy sessions jumping out of their seats dancing and clapping. Laughter and sometimes tears of joy will flow as an effect of this powerful music therapy. This helps persons with dementia and Alzheimer’s to be more engaged socially with other residents and relieve the stress associated with the disease. 

    We have received messages from caregivers around the world sharing their stories on the effects our Sing-along has had.

    Here is a message and video from Heather in the UK enjoying a Sing-along with her Mum:

    “My mum loves her singing SO much!! Memory Lane Therapy has a wonderful Sing a Long For Seniors DVD which has 29 great old songs and fantastic videos!! Not only has my mum been captivated by this DVD … it has had the incredible effect of bringing my step dad out of his room to join her in the lounge!! He rarely leaves his bed due to chronic heart failure but this DVD has had an amazing effect on him!! Ive even spotted him laughing at Laurel & Hardy!!! Here’s my mum having an absolute ball singing Dean Martin’s ‘Thats Amore’!!” 

    Preview Sing-along for Seniors Volume 2

    Check out our preview for our Sing-along for Seniors Volume 2! Discover the beauty of music therapy and how you can use it to engage your seniors in aged care.

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