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    This is a great art and crafts activity to do with your senior residents.

    They really enjoy making them and they can keep the frames for themselves to put in their rooms or sell them at your fundraiser.

    You will need:

    ✿ Wooden frames
    ✿ Hot glue gun or strong wood adhesive
    ✿ Paints and brushes
    ✿ Coloured Paper
    ✿ Objects for the decorating
    – shells, buttons, glass beads etc.

    The frames to look for and easiest to decorate are wide wooden frames with a flat even surface, this makes it easier to stick shells, glass beads, buttons etc. to the frames.

    The wooden frames can be purchased at discount stores for as cheap as $2 or you could collect them at car boot sales, op shops, goodwill stores cheaply. 

    Frame decorated using painted Sea Shells

    Remove the glass from the frames before you begin.

    Lay out some old newspaper on your table workspace to protect it before you start and have damp cloths available to wipe any excess glue off people’s hands.

    If using a hot glue gun be sure to supervise carefully.

    Allow everyone to use the available decorating materials to get creative. 

    After decorating put frames aside and let them dry overnight before putting the glass back in them and the back of the frames on.

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