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    Welcome, Aged Care Activity Coordinators, to our engaging Sewing Trivia Quiz for Seniors! As we celebrate Sewing Machine Day on June 13th, we invite you to introduce an interactive and educational activity that will captivate the minds of your residents. This quiz is a perfect choice to commemorate this occasion and foster a sense of nostalgia while promoting cognitive stimulation.

    elderly woman reading sewing quiz for seniors

    This quiz is designed to engage seniors who love sewing or want to explore the world of needlecraft. It features 24 thoughtfully crafted questions covering various aspects of sewing, from machine parts and techniques to terminology and materials. Engaging in this quiz not only allows seniors to reminisce about their sewing experiences but also enables them to expand their knowledge and engage in friendly competition. Our user-friendly quiz format ensures that seniors can actively participate, either individually or in a group setting, creating an inclusive and social activity for everyone to enjoy.

    Click the link at the bottom of this article for the A4 printable version.

    Answer the Sewing Trivia Quiz Now!

    elderly man facilitating sewing quiz in aged care

    1. What part of a sewing machine holds the fabric in place for stitching? (A) Foot (presser foot)

    2. What is sometimes placed inside a pin cushion to keep the pins sharp? (A) Sand

    3. What is the stitch called that resembles a cross (X) or plus sign? (A) Cross Stitch

    4. What are the dressmaker’s scissors called that have sawtooth blades? (A) Pinking Shears

    5. The main job of the Pinking Shear scissors used on fabric is to stop? (A) Fraying

    6. What does one wear on their finger while sewing to prevent being poked or pricked by a needle? (A) Thimble

    7. A stitch in time saves? (A) Nine

    8. Which stitch is nearly invisible when sewing? (A) Blind Stitch

    9. What netting material is traditionally used for a wedding veil? (A) Tulle

    10. A Bodkin is used to thread? (A) Elastic

    11. What fashion accessory is made by a Milliner? (A) Hats

    12. What is the name of the folded and sewn edge of a garment? (A) Hem

    13. What is the visible stitch called on the outside of a garment? (A) Topstitch


    14. What are we describing when we talk about the wrong side of the fabric?
    (A) The underside of the material without the print

    15. What natural substance is put on a thread to make it stiffen and easy to thread a needle? (A) Beeswax

    16. What is finger press? (A) When you flatten a hem using the warmth of your fingers

    17. What is the name of unbleached cotton called? (A) Muslin

    18. What is Basting? (A) Temporary Stitches

    19. What part of the garment is the bodice? (A) The whole torso

    20. What tool is essential if you make a mistake when sewing? (A) Seam Ripper

    21. To sharpen your scissors, what kind of paper do you cut? (A) Fine Sandpaper

    22. What do you make to get a garment to fit correctly over the most curvy parts of the body? (A) Darts

    23. What is the name of the undergarment worn under a lady’s dress? (A) Petticoat

    24. How many inches are in a third of a yard? (A) 12

    25. To use your body to measure a yard the old-fashioned way is to measure from your nose to what? (A) Your fingertips

    26. Where is a shank on a button?
    (A) It is the back of the button that sticks out and used to attach to the fabric

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