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    Here is a fun Quiz we have created for St Patrick’s Day in aged care. 
    Click the link below for the printable version. We hope you and your senior residents have a fun day! 

    The A4 Printable version of the quiz can be found at the bottom of this page.

    What creature was St Patrick known to drive out of Ireland?

    What is a Leprechaun?
    A type of fairy a small bearded man.

    What is Michael Flatley famous for doing?
    Dancing – Riverdancing.

    Another Irish dance is known as the Irish?

    What symbol stands for St Patricks Day?
    Shamrock a 3 leaf clover.

    What is a Shillelagh?
    A short, stout, oak club.

    On St Patricks Day the Irish make traps, what are they trying to catch?

    According to legend, what should you never do if you catch a Leprechaun?
    Take your eyes off him.

    What 3 colours are on the Irish flag?
    Orange, white and green.

    What do the Irish like to eat with their corned beef on St Patricks day?

    Finish this song title: Its a long way to…..?

    What wind instrument is played in many Irish traditional music?
    Flute, Pan pipe.

    What is the brand of the popular dark ale drank especially on St Patrick’s day?

    St Patrick was born in which country?

    How did St Pat get to Ireland?
    He was kidnapped by Irish pirates.

    What original colour was associated with St Patrick?

    What does “Erin go bragh“ mean?
    Ireland forever.

    Name the currency used in Ireland?
    The euro since 2002, an Irish pound before 2002.

    The capital of Ireland is?

    What does I.R.A. stand for?
    Irish Republican Army.

    What 2 religions have fought for many years in Ireland?
    Catholics and Protestants.

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