Scotland, a land woven with a tumultuous history and breathtaking landscapes—from rugged woodlands to expansive moorlands, picturesque lochs, and ancient castles. Sounds like something out of a storybook, doesn’t it?

    But what if you can’t exactly hop on a plane and explore it yourself, for seniors in aged care travel is often a bit out of reach. Well, don’t worry, fellow adventurer! Because today, we’re embarking on a whirlwind armchair adventure to Scotland!

    Welcome to our full guide for activities coordinators who wish to host Armchair Travel in their facility.

    Planning the Experience:

    Pick a Date & Promote the Session for Optimal Attendance: First things first, let’s pick a date that works best for everyone! Also, spread the word beforehand using eye-catching posters or flyers around the facility or neighborhood. You can even make a casual announcement, drumming up some excitement with a friendly, “Are you ready to explore the wonders of Scotland?” Here’s an invitation card you can print at the bottom of this page!

    Arrange a Cozy Space with a Large TV for the Event: Transform your space into a haven fit for royalty! Find an ideal space and arrange comfortable seating around a large TV, like a mini movie theater. Imagine yourselves nestled in a cozy Scottish pub, ready to embark on a journey through the lochs and castles.

    Print Passports and Boarding Passes to Add a Playful Touch: To enhance the excitement, print out customized boarding passes and passports. Seniors will love to have that printed passport in their hands and see the stamp as you put it in.

    Get Creative with Decorations—Consider Bunting Flags, Fabric Awnings, and More: Unleash your hidden artist inside! String up colorful bunting flags and drape fabric awnings to create a festive atmosphere. Think kilts, bagpipes, and rolling hills of heather! Decorate with pictures of iconic landmarks like Edinburgh Castle or Loch Ness for an extra touch of Scotland.

    Enlist Your Chef to Prepare Scottish Snacks Like Cranachan and the Iconic Deep-Fried Mars Bars: No trip to Scotland is complete without delicious treats! Enlist your chef, or a willing volunteer, to whip up some authentic Scottish snacks. Cranachan, a delightful dessert with cream, raspberries, and a touch of whisky (if possible) is a must-try. And for the adventurous eaters, there’s always the iconic deep-fried Mars bar. These treats will tantalize your taste buds and transport you straight to the heart of Scotland.

    Scotland Session Program:

    A printable A4 version of this step-by-step program is found in our premium membership download at the bottom of this page.

    Follow our Step-by-Step Sample program for a successful Armchair Travel event:

    1. Welcome

    Set the atmosphere with Scottish Folk Music as guests arrive. As they walk through the door, let’s give them a warm welcome and have a staff hand them the passport with their names already on it.

    image credit: Regis Aged Care

    Seat residents comfortably. Have a staff member go around to each table and glue the stamps into the passports. (Stamps provided in our printable kit) To spice things up, dress the volunteers and the staff as airplane/ship crew for a more realistic experience!

    Duration: 5 – 15 minutes

    2. Introduction

    Engage residents by asking what they know about Scotland. Ask them basic questions such as the color of the flag, nationality and the national anthem, the continent, famous personalities, and other general knowledge about Scotland.

    Duration: 20 – 30 minutes

    3. Refreshments

    How about offering some sparkling juice or, for those who fancy it, a wee dram of whiskey? Let’s make sure our seniors get the full Scottish experience! Of course, we always keep their health as our top priority, so let’s ensure there are plenty of non-alcoholic options available too!

    Duration: 5 – 10 minutes

    4. Quiz & Trivia

    Conduct a Scotland Quiz and share interesting trivia. You can implement the quiz provided or customize your quiz based on the level of your beloved seniors.

    Scotland Trivia Quiz for Seniors!

    Test our beloved Seniors’ knowledge of this beautiful country through playing the quiz below! Click the button to open the quiz.

    Scotland Trivia!

    Wanna let our Seniors know Scotland a little bit more? They will sure love these facts that they’ve never heard before!

    1. Scotland boasts over 790 islands, each with its distinct charm.
    2. The Kelpies, located in Falkirk, are towering horse head sculptures.
    3. The Stone of Destiny symbolizes the Scottish monarchy and has a rich history.
    4. The Isle of Skye features stunning landscapes like the Fairy Pools and Cuillin Mountains.
    5. The Royal Mile in Edinburgh stretches from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
    6. The Scottish Deerhound, once prized by the nobility, is a unique breed.
    7. The Falkirk Wheel connects canals with a rotating boat lift.
    8. The Highland Games showcase athletic competitions, bagpipe music, and Scottish dancing.

    Duration: 30 – 40 minutes

    5. Show some captivating videos of Scotland

    This can be shown on the big TV or projector screen during the travel experience. Explore the 10 Best Places to Visit in Scotland and the enchanting Highlands. Ready your minds and travel with your imagination!

    Duration: 10 minutes

    6. Dancing Demonstration

    Introduce Highland dancing through videos like the Highland Fling and Scottish Sword Dance.

    Highland Dancing is a traditional form of solo dance that originated in the Scottish Highlands. It’s a very energetic dance performed to lively music, often played on the bagpipes. Here’s a video that seniors can watch to see Highland Dancing in action:

    There are many different Highland dances, each with its unique steps and style. The most famous Highland dance is the Highland Fling, a fast-paced dance that features jumping, leaping, and intricate footwork.

    Scotland also has another cool dance called the “Scottish Sword Dance.” Unlike the Fling, this one’s a group dance for men. They dance around swords laid on the ground, all without touching them! It’s like a symbolic battle dance for the Scottish clans, pretty impressive, right? Here’s a video of the Sword Dance for seniors to check out.

    These dances are a big part of Scottish culture, and you can often see them performed at Highland Games. Those are these awesome events where people celebrate everything Scottish, from music and dance competitions to some crazy strong folks tossing giant logs called cabers! It’s a real blast to see.

    Duration: 10 minutes

    7. Share Experiences

    Invite residents who’ve visited Scotland to share their memories. Form a big circle and let everyone of them speak and share their core experiences with Scotland. You can formulate your own or use the provided template for a more organized sharing.

    • My most memorable experience in Scotland is/are _____
    • What I like about Scotland is/are _____
    • What makes Scotland unique is ______
    • The people from Scotland are _______
    • If I get the chance to travel back to Scotland again, I would ______

    Duration: 10 – 15 minutes

    8. The Beauty of Scotland

    Watch short, engaging videos covering Scotland’s cities, railways, and Scotch whisky. Enjoy the beauty of Scotland from every angle and perspective.

    Duration: 10 minutes

    9. Culinary Delights

    Treat your residents to a delightful taste of Scotland! Our chef has crafted a menu brimming with flavorful dishes inspired by Scottish tradition. You can try cooking a two or three of these recipes. Watch these recipe videos for inspiration!

    Duration: 20 – 30 minutes

    10. Closing

    Discuss the next travel destination and express gratitude, or you may extend the session with additional activities or conclude with a Scottish Theme Day event.

    Duration: 10 minutes or less

    Extending the Experience:
    Scotland’s favorite monster

    • Delve into the mystery of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.
    • Explore live streams of Loch Ness and stay updated on Nessie news.
    • Schedule viewings of the History Channel’s MonsterQuest dedicated to the Loch Ness Monster.

    Embark on this Armchair Travel to Scotland, an immersive journey lasting three hours or more. Whether you stop there or extend it into an all-day Scottish Theme Day, the aim is to create memorable experiences and happy travels!

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