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    Elevate the spirits of our beloved seniors in aged care with our captivating Animal Edition “What Am I?” Quiz Game Activity! Embark on a delightful journey through the mesmerizing world of animals, unlocking the wonder and curiosity of our cherished seniors. Designed with a deep understanding of aged care, this engaging game promises to spark joy, laughter, and a sense of togetherness among your cherished seniors.

    elderly man facilitating What Am I? Quiz for Seniors

    All About the What Am I? Quiz for Seniors

    Guess the mystery animal based on three clues provided for each question. Challenge your mind, enjoy quality time with peers, and stimulate your mental agility as you explore captivating animal facts.

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    The Free Printable A4 version of this quiz are available at the bottom of this page

    Answer the What Am I Quiz Right Now!

    1. What am I?
    • I have a majestic mane of hair.
    • I’m known for being the king of the jungle.
    • Simba is a famous character based on me.

    (Answer: Lion)

    2. What am I?

    • I’m a tiny bird with vibrant feathers.
    • I love to drink nectar from flowers.
    • You might find me hovering near colorful gardens

    (Answer: Hummingbird)

    3. What am I?

    • I’m small and covered in spines.
    • In winter, I curl up and sleep.
    • You might spot me digging in the dirt

    (Answer: Hedgehog)

    4. What am I?

    • I’m a reptile with scales and no legs.
    • Some of us come in bright colors.
    • I slither and can be both venomous and non-venomous

    (Answer: Snake)

    5. What am I?

    • I’m the tallest land dweller.
    • An exceptionally long neck sets me apart.
    • My distinctive spots dot my majestic body.

    (Answer: Giraffe)

    6. What am I?

    • Native to China, I’m cherished for my cuddly appearance.
    • My distinctive black and white fur adds to my charm.
    • I’m known for being an endangered treasure.

    (Answer: Panda)

    7. What am I?

    • Darkness is my realm.
    • My eyes are designed for low-light hunting.
    • Silent flight is my specialty.

    (Answer: Owl)


    8. What am I?

    • I’m the ultimate master of disguise.
    • My skin color transforms like magic.
    • Rainforests are where I make my appearance.

    (Answer: Chameleon)

    9. What am I?

    • I reign as the largest living creature on Earth.
    • A majestic fluke defines my presence.
    • The ocean is my home.

    (Answer: Blue Whale)

    10. What am I?

    • You’ll often find me curled up by the fireplace.
    • I’m a faithful companion with a wagging tail.
    • Humans fondly call me “man’s best friend.”

    (Answer: Dog)

    11. What am I?

    • I hold the title of the world’s fastest land creature.
    • Distinctive spots grace my coat.
    • The African savannah is my playground.

    (Answer: Cheetah)

    12. What am I?

    • A large feline, I’m skilled at tree climbing.
    • My rosette-shaped spots make me a true marvel.
    • The rainforests are my domain.

    (Answer: Jaguar)

    13. What am I?

    • I’m a small mammal that loves nuts.
    • You often see me scampering in parks.
    • I’m known for my fluffy tail.

    (Answer: Squirrel)

    14. What am I?

    • A trunk and tusks are my defining features.
    • I’m a gentle giant of the savannah.
    • Leaves are my preferred cuisine.

    (Answer: Elephant)

    15. What am I?

    • I’m a big cat with spots.
    • I’m agile in trees and water.
    • Rainforests are my natural habitat.

    (Answer: Leopard)

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