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    Aged care coordinators, are you ready to inject some joy into your senior activities program? Look no further because we’ve got the perfect game for you – “What’s in the Box?” , a fantastic way to keep your seniors engaged and entertained.

    What’s in the Box?” is an exciting game designed to stimulate the senses and bring heaps of laughter to your senior activities.

    Click the link at the bottom of this article for the A4 printable instruction.

    Game Setup:

    Before you dive into the laughter-filled world of “What’s in the Box?” here’s how to set up the game for maximum enjoyment:

    1. Prepare the Mystery Boxes:
      • Get two decorated boxes, one for each team. These boxes are the heart of the game.
      • Make sure the boxes have two holes, one on each side. These holes are where your seniors will put their hands through to reach the mystery item inside. Make sure the holes are large enough for comfortable hand movement but small enough to keep the mystery intact.
    2. Choose Your Items
      • Select a range of objects with different textures, shapes, and sizes.
      • You can include items like a smooth seashell, a soft plush toy, a fragrant sachet, or even a jingling keychain.
      • Be creative and tailor the objects to your group’s preferences.
    3. Team Formation:
      • Split your seniors into two teams, which we’ll call Team A and Team B. Friendly competition is all part of the fun.
    4. Scoring System:
      • Have a scoreboard or whiteboard to track scores.

    With your Mystery Boxes prepared, teams formed, and scoring system in place, you’re all set to jump into the hilarious world of “What’s in the Box?” Gather your teams, bring out the Mystery Boxes, and let the guessing games begin. May your seniors have a blast and make cherished memories!”

    The Game Objective:

    The objective of the game is for each senior player to use their sense of touch and intuition to guess the mystery item inside the Mystery Box correctly. The first senior player to make an accurate guess earns a point for their team.

    Game Instruction:

    Competing One-on-One:

    • The Aged Care Coordinator will place the two Mystery Boxes, each containing one mystery item, in front of each team’s players.
    • Each senior player from Team A will take turns guessing against a senior player from Team B.
    • After each turn, the Aged Care Coordinator will replace the mystery item inside the Mystery Box for the next player on both teams.

    The Mission:

    • Their mission is simple: Reach inside the box and try to figure out what’s in there by feeling it with their hands.

    Scoring a Point:

    • If a senior player guesses the mystery item correctly before their opponent, their team earns a point.

    Continuing the Match:

    • The match continues until all senior players from both teams have had their turns, taking on their opponents one by one.

    Determining the Winner:

    • The Aged Care Coordinator will tally all the points earned by both teams.
    • The team with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner.

    Celebrating the Winner:

    To add an extra layer of fun to your senior activities, consider awarding a simple prize to the winning team. A trophy, a certificate, or even a special “What’s in the Box?” champion badge can make the victory even sweeter.


    ‘What’s in the Box?’ is the perfect game to spark joy and laughter among seniors. It’s easy to set up, inclusive, and guaranteed to create moments of delight. Gather your teams, bring out the Mystery Boxes, and let the one-on-one guessing games begin. May your seniors have a blast and make cherished memories!”

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    Download your printable PDF copy of What’s in the Box? A Game Activity for Seniors