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    Gather around the whiteboard, everyone! It’s time for some interactive fun. Get ready for some mental stimulation, social interaction, and enjoyment.  We present the classic Hangman Game. An activity promoting cognitive function, emotional well-being, and interaction, this game will surely be enjoyed by our beloved seniors in aged care.

    aged care community playing whiteboard hangman game

    How to Play the Whiteboard Hangman Game

    1. Setting the Stage: Ensure everyone has a clear view of the whiteboard. The goal? Guess the mystery word before the hangman is fully drawn. Exciting, right?

    2. Guess Away: The word could be anything, here are some great ideas to help you!

    – a beloved song
    – a famous movie
    – a notable person
    – a common item.

    Prepare categories and reveal them to the participants before the game starts. Make sure to give hints along the way to spice up the challenge.

    aged care community playing whiteboard game

    3. Letter by Letter: As guesses roll in, letters find their place on the whiteboard. If there are repeats of a letter in the word, they all find their home once guessed correctly.

    4. Solo or Team Play: Take your pick! You can either go head-to-head as individuals or team up for a collaborative guessing experience. It’s all about camaraderie and fun.

    aged care staff facilitating whiteboard game

    5. The Hangman’s Evolution: Ah, the hangman’s evolution. First, the scaffold takes shape – horizontal base, vertical pole, and so on. With each incorrect guess, another piece of our hangman friend appears. Will you save him in time?

    6. Victory or Defeat: The suspense builds. If the word is revealed before the hangman is fully drawn, victory is yours! But if the hangman’s figure is complete first, well, he claims the win.

    aged care community gathering for a session of whiteboard hangman game

    Extra Challenge

    Feeling adventurous? Try your hand at guessing a two-word answer for an extra layer of challenge. Double the words, double the fun! 

    If words are too easy, try famous phrases or song titles that are a sentence long. That should provide a decent challenge for our beloved seniors.

    hangman puzzle
    a hangman puzzle

    Word Suggestions

    Get those gears turning with our words suggestions. You can use common words such as “Afternoon,” “boyfriend,” “discovery,” “community,” “important.” And if you’re in the mood for some game titles, why not tackle classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, Twister, or Snooker? One word is too easy? Go for a two-word challenge with options like “Kitchen Cupboards” or “Seafood Restaurant.”

    word suggestions for whiteboard games

    So, gather your friends, sharpen those wits, and let the hangman games begin! Who will emerge victorious? Only time – and a few clever guesses – will tell.

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