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    Explore the fascinating world of sheep and shearing – how well do you know these woolly wonders? Join the fun and discover the stories behind the shears! 🐑🌟 Dive into the woolly world of Australian culture with our engaging quiz on sheep and shearing crafted for seniors in aged care!

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    1. Who bought the first Merino sheep to Australia?
    (A) John Macarthur

    2.  At shearing time the boss and the group of shearers he employs are called a shearing (what)?
    (A) Team

    3.  All the shearers have a numbered position where they each work from in the shed called (what)?
    (A) Stands

    4.  The numbered stands have a chute to push the shorn sheep out into what pen?
    (A) Counting out pen

    5.  Each shearers stands are numbered – what number does the best shearer work at?
    (A) Number one – the beginners take the last numbered stand

    6.  A top shearer shearing over 200 sheep a day and the fastest is called what starting with G?
    (A) Gun Shearer

    7.  The pen the shearers fetch their sheep from to shear are called the?
    (A) Catching pen

    8.  The catching pen must be filled up with more sheep when how many sheep are left standing in the pen?  (A) No less than three

    9.  Shearing cannot commence until the boss does what to get shearing started?
    (A) Ring the bell

    10. The bell is rung for tea breaks, lunch and the last bell rung to finish the day gives the shearer how many minutes warning before shears down?
    (A) Three minutes

    11. The shearing shed is a busy place with many workers, what are the workers called who pick up the wool , throw the wool on the tables, sweep and do odd jobs?
    (A) Roustabouts

    12. The table onto which fleece is thrown to begin classing is called what table?
    (A) Skirting table

    13.  The worker in the shed that checks the wool on the tables for quality is called a?
    (A) Wool Classer

    14. The wool classer places the wool in separate bins depending on the quality of the wool. Who takes the wool from the bins and puts it in bales?
    (A) Wool presser

    15. The wool presser fills the large bales and stamps the bags with stamps, what are the stamps?
    (A) Farm – property name and wool classes number

    16. If the shearer is busy and the roustabout has not taken the wool away from under his feet, what does the shearer call out?
    (A) Wool away

    17. When a sheep is cut while shearing the shearer will call for a?
    (A) Tar boy

    18. What starting with T is the final count for the number of sheep shorn by each shearer?
    (A) Tally

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