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    Get ready for a chuckle! This quiz is bound to tickle your funny bone, whether you’re at an aged care center in Australia or anywhere across the globe. Dive into the hilarity and test your knowledge of funny Aussie slang with these trivia questions. How many can you nail? Let the laughter begin! 🤣🌏

    Don’t forget to download the printable version of this quiz that can be found at the bottom of the page for a fuller experience!

    1. If you were having a spud with your evening meal what are you eating? 
      (A) potato
    1. If you need to visit the Dunny or Loo where are you going? 
      (A) toilet

    2. If you are doing the Aussie salute what are you doing? 
      (A) shooing or brushing flies away from your face & body

    3. If you are wearing bathers what are you wearing? 
      (A) bathing suit or costume

    4. If you visited a restaurant and it was chockers what does this mean?
      (A) fully crowded

    5. If you were visiting Whoop Whoop where are you? 
      (A) in the middle of nowhere or a far away place

    6. If you employed someone and they were a Bludger what does this mean? 
      (A) you employed someone very lazy who doesn’t want to work hard

    7. What is a popular spread used in sandwiches and on toast made from brewers yeast extract and is salty?  (A) Vegemite

    8. To wear Daggy clothes is to be? 
      (A) unstylish, not well dressed

    9. If you were Stoked to see someone or be somewhere what does it mean?
      (A) happy & excited

    10. If you were hosting a piss up with plenty of grog what are you doing?
      (A) a party or get together with plenty of alcohol

    11. If you are going out and it is suggested you should rug up what does that mean?
      (A) dress warmly

    12. To wear sunnies to the beach is to wear what? 
      (A) sunglasses

    13. If you are going to Maccas for lunch where are you going?
      (A) McDonalds

    14. To wear a jumper is to wear a what?
       (A) sweater

    15. If I was taken my esky on a picnic what am I taking? 
      (A) insulated box to keep food & drinks cold

    16. If I was having a barbecue and was cooking snags what am I cooking?
      (A) sausages

    17. If I was going to take my tinny out in the water what am I doing?
      (A) taking a small boat out into the water

    18. If you had ankle biters what do you have?
      (A) small children

    19. Australian slang word for a mosquito is? 
      (A) Mozzie
    1. To say Ta is to say? 
      (A) thank you

    2. If I say to you G’day what am I saying?
      (A) hello

    3. What is a Sheila?
      (A) a woman or lady

    4. See ya this arvo means?
      (A) see you this afternoon

    5. If I said I was flat out I am?
      (A) really busy

    6. If you have to telephone the Ambo you are ringing? 
      (A) an ambulance

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