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    Let’s spice up the Australia Day celebration for our beloved Seniors in Aged Care with a delightful Australia Day Quiz! This quiz is not just a source of enjoyment but also serve as fantastic tool to keep minds sharp and foster engaging verbal communication within the community.

    Elderly people dressed in theme for Australia Day

    Join the fun – it’s a perfect way for Seniors in Aged Care to celebrate Australia Day! 🌏

    Don’t miss out on the full fun – download the Printable Version of this quiz waiting for you at the bottom of this page!

    Quiz Benefits for Seniors:

    Engaging in quizzes can be a delightful activity for seniors in aged care, offering both mental stimulation and social connection. Here’s why:

    • Sharpens the Mind: Quizzes act like a mental workout, challenging memory and recall. This helps keep cognitive skills sharp and may even delay age-related decline.
    • Boosts Mood: Answering questions correctly triggers the release of dopamine, a feel-good chemical in the brain. This can elevate mood and promote a sense of accomplishment.
    • Connects People: You can do quizzes individually or in groups, encouraging conversation and friendly competition. This social interaction helps combat loneliness and isolation, common challenges for seniors in aged care.
    • Sparks Joy: Recalling trivia or learning new facts can be genuinely enjoyable. Quizzes provide a lighthearted and stimulating activity that brings a sense of fun and laughter.

    Answer the Australia Day Quiz Now!

    1. What is Sir Donald Bradmans batting average?
    (a) 99.94

    2. Which Australian band sang Morningtown ride?
    (a) The Seekers

    3. How many ships where in the First Fleet?
    (a) 11

    4. Where was Ned Kelly’s last stand?
    (a) Glenrowan Victoria

    5. In what year was the decimal currency introduced? 
    (a) 1966

    6. What was the woman’s name who appeared on Playschool for the longest time?
    (a) Benita

    7. Who was the Australian actor who starred in The Man from Snowy River and Pharlap?
    (a) Tom Burlinson

    8. What movie uses the phrase “Tell him he’s dreaming”?
    (a) The Castle

    9. Which Australian actor played Crocodile Dundee?
    (a) Paul Hogan

    10. What is South Australia’s largest Island?
    (a) Kangaroo Island

    11. What popular outback town holds a horse racing cup  meeting and the population goes from 120 to over 5,000 people?
    (a) Birdsville

    12. What is the name of the virus that was released into the rabbit population?

    13. What was the Aboriginal man Albert Namatjira famous for?
    (a) Landscape painting

    14. What is the main color of the Aussie flag?
    (a) Blue

    15. Aussie slang, if you are doing a U-EE in your car what are you doing?
    (a) Turning around


    16. What are Salties and Freshies?
    (a) Crocodiles

    17. If you are having a Pot, Schooner, Midi or a Pony what are you having?
    (a) Drinking beer

    18. If the Rellies have lobbed, what does this mean?
    (a) The family have arrived at your place for a visit

    19. A Bundy and coke is?
    (a) A Bunderberg Rum and Coke a Cola drink

    20. Where would you find the Dog on the Tuckerbox?
    (a) Snake Gully near Gundagai

    21. Who wrote Waltzing Matilda?
    (a) Banjo Patterson

    22. Who was the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup?
    (a) Michelle Payne

    23. If you ask for a Bikkie what are you asking for?
    (a) A biscuit

    24. If you ask for a Sanger what are you asking for?
    (a) A sandwich

    25. If you are going to a Bottle-O were are you going?
    (a) The bottle shop

    26. What is a ute?
    (a) A car with a flatbed back

    27. Kangaroo’s and Emus cannot what?
    (a) Walk backwards

    28. What was the Australian Anthem before 1984?
    (a) God Save the Queen or King

    29. The Goon Bag is an Australian invention, what is it?
    (a) The wine cask

    30. What is Ayers Rock called now?
    (a) Uluru 

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