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    Easter is a wonderful time of year for everyone, regardless of age. However, organizing an Easter egg hunt for seniors in aged care homes can be a bit challenging. Here are some ideas to make the hunt fun and inclusive for all residents.

    Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

    An indoor egg hunt can be a great option for aged care homes that may not have access to outdoor spaces or have residents who cannot leave the facility. Hide colorful eggs around the common areas or residents’ rooms and encourage them to search for them. You can also make it more challenging by providing clues or riddles to solve. We have included some ideas for riddles further down the page.

    Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt

    If your aged care home has a garden or outdoor space, an outdoor egg hunt can be a great way to enjoy the spring weather. Hide eggs around the garden or outdoor area and provide baskets for residents to collect them in. Make sure to provide plenty of seating areas for residents who may need to take breaks during the hunt and volunteers to help residents find the hidden eggs.

    Examples of Clues & Riddles for your Easter Egg Hunt

    A variety of clues and riddles can be used to make your Easter egg hunt more fun and challenging. Below are some examples of rhyming riddles, and word puzzles that can be adapted for different settings. Picture clues could also be used by taking photos and printing them out.

    “In the place where we wash our hands, you’ll find an egg hidden in the sands. Look high, look low, look near and far, but don’t forget to check the soap dish by the bar.”

    “To find the next egg, look where the flowers bloom, A colorful spot in the living room.”

    “Follow the bunny’s trail, where colorful flowers never fail.”

    “I’m as light as a feather and can be found up high, catch me if you can before I say goodbye!”

    “Look for me where you typically sit and enjoy the sun in the morning.”

    “Look under the chair where you usually sit during the morning exercise routine.”

    “Look for the colorful flowers that bloom in the garden. The egg is hidden nearby.”

    Easter Quiz

    An Easter quiz is a great way to get residents engaged and thinking about the holiday. You can create your own quiz or use our Easter Quiz for Seniors, which is specifically designed for seniors. The quiz includes questions about Easter traditions, history, and popular culture. You can divide residents into teams and offer a prize to the team with the most correct answers.

    Easter Bonnets Activity

    An Easter bonnets activity is a fun way to get residents involved in creating their own Easter hats. You can use our Easter Bonnets Activity for Seniors, which includes information on how to create hats. Residents can then wear their hats during the Easter egg hunt, creating a festive atmosphere.

    Easter Bunny Ball Toss

    An Easter Bunny Ball Toss is a fun and simple game that can be played indoors or outdoors. You can use our Easter Bunny Ball Toss product, which includes a bunny-shaped board and balls. Residents can take turns trying to toss the balls into the bunny’s mouth. You can offer a prize to the resident who gets the most balls in the bunny’s mouth.

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