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    Presenting Memory Lane Therapy’s Guess the Movie Quiz! Engage your residents in a fun-filled activity guessing iconic movie lines. Seniors in aged care will love this classic movie quiz, ask them if they can identify which movie each line is from and then you can reminisce about what they loved about that movie and actors. 

    elderly woman reading the Guess the Movie Quiz

    Quiz Benefits for Seniors

    Engaging in quizzes can be a delightful activity for seniors in aged care, offering both mental stimulation and social connection. Here’s why:

    • Sharpens the Mind: Quizzes act like a mental workout, challenging memory and recall. This helps keep cognitive skills sharp and may even delay age-related decline.
    • Boosts Mood: Answering questions correctly triggers the release of dopamine, a feel-good chemical in the brain. This can elevate mood and promote a sense of accomplishment.
    • Connects People: Quizzes can be done individually or in groups, fostering conversation and friendly competition. This social interaction helps combat loneliness and isolation, common concerns for seniors in aged care.
    • Sparks Joy: Recalling trivia or learning new facts can be genuinely enjoyable. Quizzes provide a lighthearted and stimulating activity that brings a sense of fun and laughter.

    Answer the Guess the Movie Quiz for Seniors Now!

    1. There’s no place like home
    Wizard of Oz

    2. Show me the money
    Jerry Maguire

    3. I’ll have what she’s having
    When Harry met Sally

    4. They may take our lives but they Will never take our freedom
    Braveheart (William Wallace)

    5. Stupid is as stupid does
    Forest Gump

    6. We are on a mission from God
    The Blue Brothers

    7. Come up and see me some time
    Blue Angel

    8. Love means never having to say sorry
    Love story

    9. Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings
    It’s a wonderful life (James Stewart)

    10. That’s not a knife
    Crocodile Dundee

    11. Here’s looking at you kid

    12. Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy night
    All about Eve

    13. But Miss Scarlett
    Gone with the Wind

    14. Oh you can’t get a man with a gun
    Annie Oakley (Doris Day)

    15. Its Alive Its Alive!

    16. A boy’s best friend is his mother


    17. We are going to need a bigger boat

    18. Life is like a box of chocolates
    Forest Gump

    19. I’ll be back

    20. Play it again Sam

    21. Make my day
    Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood)

    22. Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn
    Gone with the Wind

    23. Nobody puts Baby in the corner
    Dirty Dancing

    24. I’d rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special
    Steel Magnolias

    25. Phone home

    26. May the force be with you
    Star Wars

    27. Of all the bars in all the world you had to walk into mine

    28. Run Forest Run
    Forest Gump

    29. Do you feel lucky, do ya? Punk!
    Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood)

    30. More please

    31. Mrs. Robinson your trying to seduce me?
    The Graduate (Dustin Hoffman)

    32. Elementary my dear Watson
    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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