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    Looking for a heartwarming and uplifting craft activity for seniors? Look no further! Introducing Happiness Jars a delightful project that brings smiles and positivity to all levels of abilities. These lovely mason jars (or any container of your choice) are filled with affirmations and positive words on slips of paper, providing a wonderful Pick me up whenever someone needs it.

    Elevate the spirits of seniors with Happiness Jars, a heartwarming and uplifting craft activity! These delightful mason jars, brimming with affirmations and positive words on slips of paper, bring smiles and positivity to individuals of all abilities. Whether it’s a DIY creation or using printable templates, each jar becomes a source of joy, offering a wonderful “Pick Me Up” whenever someone needs a boost.

    Supplies Needed:

    • A clean glass jar with a lid
    • Colored or patterned paper (or sticky notes)
    • Scissors
    • Pen or marker
    • Decorative materials (e.g., ribbons, stickers, washi tape)

    How to Make:

    To create a Happiness Jar, find a clean glass jar with a lid and gather colored paper, scissors, and a pen. Fill the jar with these affirmations facing inward. Display the jar in a visible spot and use it by pulling out a slip whenever you need a dose of positivity. Optionally, refresh the content regularly with new affirmations to keep the jar brimming with motivation and joy.

    The A4 downloadable Affirmative and Motivational Quote templates can be found at the bottom of this article.

    Step 1: Gather Materials

    Get a clean glass jar with a lid, colored paper or sticky notes, scissors, and a pen or marker. Choose a glass jar with a lid that is clean and free from any labels or stickers. It can be any size you prefer, but a medium-sized jar works well.

    Step 2: Prepare the Affirmations

    You can choose to either create your own positive affirmations and uplifting words, or conveniently use available printable affirmations. If you choose the printable option, simply download the affirmations, print them out, and then cut them into individual slips.

    Step 3: Fill the Jar

    You can choose to either roll the slips of paper into small scrolls or fold them into neat squares before gently placing them inside the jar.

    Step 4 : Decorate the Jar

    You can add a personal touch, by decorating the jar. You can tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar, use stickers to add motivational quotes or images, or apply washi tape to create a decorative border.

    We have included a video instructional below. 

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    Download your printable PDF copy of Happiness Jar Activity for Seniors