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    Join us for a delightful senior activity that combines the beauty of autumn leaves with the joy of crafting. Transform a simple autumn leaf into an adorable fox face masterpiece! This soothing and imaginative craft is perfect for seniors who want to explore their artistic side while embracing the wonders of nature. Let’s gather and create lasting memories together.

    Click the link at the bottom of this article for the A4 printable version.

    Materials Needed:

    1. Autumn leaves (preferably with distinct shapes)
    2. Acrylic or watercolor paints (orange, white, black, and brown)
    3. Paintbrushes
    4. Water container
    5. Palette for mixing colors
    6. Craft glue
    7. Googly eyes or faux eyes (for a whimsical touch)
    8. Markers or fine-tipped paintbrushes (for adding details)
    9. Protective tablecloth or old newspapers

    Three Simple Steps:

    Step 1: Prepare and Paint:

    Gather your materials, Choose and select an autumn leaf with an interesting shape as the base for your fox face. Look for leaves that resemble the outline of a fox’s face, with distinct ears and a pointy snout. Using orange paint, coat the front side of the leaf evenly. Allow the paint to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

    Step 2: Add Fox Features:

    Use white paint and paint it on the edge of the leaf to add detail of fox feature. Paint black at the tip of the leaf for the nose.

    Step 3: Bring It to Life:

    Attach googly or faux eyes with craft glue. Add brown details for fur, then let your fox leaf masterpiece dry. Display and enjoy your charming creation!

    Here is an easy to follow instruction video

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    Download your printable PDF copy of Fox Leaf Art and Craft Activity for Seniors