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    This is a really fun exercise activity for seniors to play in aged care, it’s a game that gives the players a great amount of physical stimulation and the excitement can build into a very competitive atmosphere.

    Equipment Needed:

    • Chairs for seated players (minimum 12)
    • Goal net or extra chair or walker for the Goal
    • Pool Noodles cut in half (minimum 6)
    • One medium-sized rubber ball,  slightly smaller than a soccer ball

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    How to Play:

    • This is a team game so first, select two teams with at least six players on each side. 
    • Seat the two teams facing each other in a line with at least 1 meter or more between the facing teams.
    • Set up a goal at each end of the line, you can use a goal net or a chair, or even a resident’s walker.
    • All players have a pool noodle cut in half.
    • The aim of the game is to hit the ball with your pool noodle through the goal post for your team. Each team hits the opposite end to the other.
    • Set a timer for each game e.g. 5 to 10 minutes and the team who has the most points in that time wins that game.
    • Have an umpire throw the ball to the middle of the row of players at the start of the game or each time it goes out or a score is made.
    • Serve refreshments to keep everyone hydrated.

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