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    This is a great game to play to celebrate your major Horse Racing Events.

    In Australia we have the Melbourne Cup, The UK hosts the Grand National and USA celebrates the Kentucky Derby. 

    You will need

    ✿ a swimming noodle – the skinnier ones work best (one per horse)
    ✿ twine, rope or your choice of something for the bridle that you can tie tightly
    ✿ felt (9 x 12 sheets work well)
    ✿ large wiggly eyes
    ✿ low temp glue gun
    ✿ scissors
    ✿ Artline pen 


    First, bend the noodle and tie the twine tightly around it. If you want you can weave a pipe cleaner around it to add some color after you’ve tied it on. I left a little bit of the twine hanging so that it looked line reins, but they are more for looks than for function of any kind.

    2. Next, turn the piece of felt long ways and cut a strip about an inch wide. Cut the ends of it into points for the ears. Cut the next strip (still looking at the felt long ways) at about 4 inches wide. Next I folded this wide stripe and cut waves around the edges to create the mane.

    3. Slide the long piece for the ears between the part of the noodle that is folded and pull them up firmly in place. Glue the ears up. Hot glue the mane and wiggly eyes in place.

    Once you have made your Horses, make up a race track with 6 lanes.

    Have 6 people compete in each race numbered 1 to 6.

    Have someone roll a dice and when their number comes up they move forward one square at a time till the winner reaches the finish line, Happy racing. 

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