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    Recreating the School Lunch Experience

    In the heart of memory care, a delightful activity awaits — making school lunches reminiscent of the good old days. This interactive session not only sparks memories of school days but also brings the joy of crafting a simple lunch, just like they used to or when they prepared lunches for their own children.

    group of seniors eating lunch

    Materials Needed

    These are the materials needed for your School Days Lunch Activity. You can find these materials in your facility or buy them in the nearest store!

    Materials needed for School Days Lunch Activity

    1. A roll of greaseproof or baking paper.
    2. Brown paper bags and a black marker for personalization.
    3. Sliced white and whole meal bread.
    4. Butter or margarine.
    5. Assorted fillings – cold meat, cheese, mustard pickles, tomato, lettuce, curried egg, and spreads.
    6. Cups of tea and coffee for a complete experience.

    baking paper
    paper bag with "Juice" labeled on it
    paper bag with "Bob" labeled on it

    Let’s make Sandwiches

    Gather residents around a table and distribute tasks for your School Day Lunch Activity. Whether it’s buttering bread, grating eggs for curried egg filling, slicing tomatoes, or shredding lettuce, every participant can play a role.

    elderly woman eating healthy lunch
    group of aged care seniors making healthy lunch together

    Each person receives two slices of buttered bread, allowing them to unleash their creativity in choosing their fillings. The process of building their sandwiches becomes a shared experience, fostering social interaction.

    woman making sandwich

    Wrap the completed sandwiches in pre-cut squares of greaseproof or baking paper, then slip them into individual brown paper lunch bags, personalized with their names. The personal touch adds a delightful touch of nostalgia.

    Finally, serve cups of tea and coffee, and distribute the sandwiches. As everyone unwraps their creations, the room fills with the comforting aroma of freshly made sandwiches.

    Adding a Dash of Memory with School Days Quiz

    Enhance the experience by incorporating a school days quiz. This delightful combination of crafting and storytelling not only nourishes the body but also the soul, creating a memorable journey back to the school days of yesteryears.

    School Days Quiz Activity for Seniors Thumbnail

    School Days Reminiscing Cards

    Reminisce the fun and unforgettable memories of your school days with us! Using our Nostalgia Colorful Cards, you will surely recall specific parts of your school days, let alone the spirit of your youth!

    Crafting Nostalgia on Colorful Cards

    Elderly woman making School days reminiscing cards

    Engage residents in a delightful game designed not just to entertain but to enhance dexterity, foster social connections, and weave a tapestry of shared memories. The “School Days Reminiscing Cards” activity is versatile and adaptable to various occasions, promising an enjoyable experience for participants.

    Materials Needed

    Materials needed for School Days Reminiscing Cards
    • A4 paper for printing
    • Colored paper – example 24 cards for a group of 8. More for larger groups
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Black marker

    Crafting the Cards

    1. Download or Create Questions: Begin by downloading the provided “School Day” questions or unleash creativity by crafting your own to suit the preferences of the group.

    You can download the Free PDF File below to access the provided “School Day” questions for your activity!

    School Day Card

    2. Cut and Assemble: Participants cut out the questions and headings provided.

    3. Prepare Cardstock: Divide the colorful construction paper into appropriately sized cards (e.g., 6 x 2 inches or 15 x 5 cm).

    School Days Reminiscing Cards Sample Questions

    4.Glue Questions and Headings: Invite participants to glue the questions to one side and the headings to the other side of the cards. Optionally, laminate the cards for durability.

    Playing the Game

    1. Distribution: Hand out a card, face down, to each participant.

    Elderly woman reading

    2. Reading Aloud: Ask the first participant to flip their card and read the question aloud. If the question doesn’t resonate with them, encourage others to share their experiences.

    Senior man taking in front of aged care community

    3. Engaging Discussions: Allow a few minutes for lively group discussions, stories, and shared reminiscences related to their school days.

    Senior man taking in front of aged care community

    4. Rotation: Move to the next participant, repeating the process until everyone has contributed. Collect the cards and distribute new ones to keep the conversations flowing.

    senior couple reading

    Post-Game Activities

    Aged care community doing activities

    After the game, dive deeper into the theme:

    Musical Connections: Explore songs or poems related to school days. For example, reminisce about songs like “Another Brick in the Wall” from the 1970s.

    Inclusive Singing: Incorporate a brief singing session. Consider involving nurses to join the group for a harmonious few minutes of shared tunes.

    Sample Questions for ‘School Days’ Reminiscing Cards:

    Sample Question for 'School Days' Reminiscing Cards
    Sample Question for 'School Days' Reminiscing Cards
    • Did your school use the cane as a form of discipline?
    • Did you wear a uniform to school?
    • What did you call your teacher?
    • Did your school have class photos taken?
    • Did you prefer using a pencil or a pen for writing?
    • Did you have to sit for exams?
    • Were you ever called to the Principal’s office?
    • How did you learn your Times Tables?
    • Did your school have any bullies?
    • How much homework did you have?
    • Did you have fond memories of your teachers?
    • What was your favorite subject?
    • Did you go on field trips or excursions?
    • Did you have a lot of friends in school?
    • Did your teacher ever visit your parents?
    • Did you have to memorize and recite poems?
    • Did your school have a sandpit in the yard?
    • Did you receive free milk at school?

    Feel free to customize the questions to suit your group’s preferences and cultural background, ensuring an enjoyable and nostalgic experience for all participants.

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    Download your printable PDF copy of School Days Lunch Activity for Seniors in Aged Care