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    Step back in time and relive the memories of the school days of yesteryear with our engaging School Days Quiz designed specifically for seniors. This quiz is perfect foraged care workers and activity coordinators looking to create a fun and interactive experience for their residents. It’s an opportunity to spark conversations and trigger fond memories of the school years, fostering a sense of connection and nostalgia.

    Test your knowledge and reminisce about the iconic elements of school life with questions that cover a range of topics, from classroom tools to traditional activities. From blackboards and chalks to report cards and school bells, our quiz will take you on a journey down memory lane. Engaging in quizzes like these can enhance cognitive function and stimulate memory recall, making it an ideal activity for seniors. So gather your residents, create a friendly competition, and let the reminiscing begin with our School Days Quiz.

    A name for a school test? A) Exam

    Teacher writes on a board for every student to see? (A) Blackboard/Chalkboard

    Used to write on a blackboard? (A) Chalk

    Used to wipe the blackboard clean? (A) Duster/Eraser

    The duster/eraser had to be cleaned every few days usually by a student outside. How was this done? (A) By clapping two dusters together

    What kind of well would you find in an old classroom? (A) Ink well

    What sound told everyone school was beginning or finishing? (A) Bell

    Every class student’s name was called out by the teacher every morning. Why? (A)Attendance record to see who was absent from school

    Early ballpoint pens weren’t cheap, so most students used F———pens? (A)Fountain

    If you wanted to tell a classmate something during a lesson without drawing attention, you passed a? (A)Note

    At the end of every school term, every student was given what to take home to their parents to read and sign? (A) Report card

    On the report card, what did an A mean? (A) Top marks

    If you received an F on the report card, what did it mean? (A) Fail

    How did most kids get to school years ago? (A) Walk

    What book was used to look up words and describe what they meant? (A)Dictionary

    Colored pencils were great for coloring in, but at school, we also had other stationery made out of wax for coloring. They were? (A) Crayons

    A lot of schools got their students to sing what every morning? (A) National Anthem

    Australian children were encouraged to drink what every morning out of small glass bottles with foil tops? (A) Milk

    Children were encouraged to bring something from home occasionally and stand in front of the class to talk about it. What was this called? (A) News or Show &Tell

    Name some forms of punishment given out at school for disobedient children many years ago? (A) Cane, stand in the corner facing the wall, sent to the headmaster’s office, detention, writing lines.

    How many questions did you answer correctly? Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the school days of the past. Share your experiences with friends and family and see how they fare in this nostalgic quiz!

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