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The Wishing Tree

We were pleasantly surprised at how great this idea worked! We made two trees as there were at least 80 residents in our residential care home and we invited them all to make a wish on the trees. My co-worker got her husband to make a tree out

Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

As an Activity Coordinator music plays a large part in my therapy programme. Music is a powerful tool to reach your residents, people who cannot communicate will sing, it is a wonderful thing to witness and such a great therapy.

Early Signs of Dementia

Growing older isn’t easy. We suffer with aches and pains and find it hard to do day to day things which we found easy in the past. What would it be like to have Alzheimers disease or Dementia and what are the symptoms of early dementia? We all get forgetful from time to time but […]