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The Wishing Tree

We were pleasantly surprised at how great this idea worked! We made two trees as there were at least 80 residents in our residential care home and we invited them all to make a wish on the trees. My co-worker got her husband to make a tree out

Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

As an Activity Coordinator music plays a large part in my therapy programme. Music is a powerful tool to reach your residents, people who cannot communicate will sing, it is a wonderful thing to witness and such a great therapy.

Trishaw Bicycles taking Seniors on the road

Cycling without Age started in 2012 in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark when a gentleman named Ole looked across the road at his neighboring care facility and decided that the elderly neighbors should also enjoy being out on the bike path with the wind in their hair.

Hen Power – Feathered Friends Aged Care Therapy

The Whiddon Group, an award winning aged care service in Australia have introduced a fantastic new feathered friends program called “Hen Power” for their residents. Karn Nelson, the director of research for the Whiddon Group says “Hen Power is really about combating social isolation and loneliness for older people. From what weve seen it has […]

Forget me Not – dementia educational program

A new program in South Australia – Forget me Not is helping to educate children about the disease and to help build a more aware and accepting community for people living with dementia. The program runs for 8 weeks delivering weekly lessons to the students in years 4 and 5 and includes collaborative art lessons and fun […]

Can robots take care of the elderly?

In the UK 1.2 million elderly people are chronically lonely and with the elderly population growing there is not enough young people to provide care and support. Now researchers and developers are looking at new and innovative ways to help support the growing care needed for the elderly population.

Choosing the right care in old age

The aged have navigated the cycles of life and now find themselves at the advanced stages of life, living, and death. Consider that they were once young; full of energy and youthful vigor. They had ( may still have) dreams, pursued them and applied themselves in their time.

Boogie Boarding for an Active Retirement

The picture that comes to mind when discussing the elderly and the retired is one that borders on frailty, sickness, boredom, and loneliness. In fact, statistics reveal that senior citizens die more from the effects of being alone and depression than from being sick. While nature takes its course in the occurrence of the first […]