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    Every Monday morning at our residential aged care home we would run a quiz, and our senior residents were always switched on and very competitive!

    We always started with a large whiteboard and a word search game taken from the morning’s paper. All the letters were laminated in bold black lettering and placed on the board. The goal was for everyone to try and make as many words as they could.

    When they got stuck I would do a few short quiz questions on different subjects, I would have them call out the answers loudly. Then we would return back to the word search and try to make more words. 
    This bought me to the idea of staff vs resident Quiz Challenge, the residents were super keen to take on the staff. So we organised two teams, The Residents & The Staff.

    How to Play a Staff vs Residents Quiz Challenge

    On the whiteboard I stuck six large envelopes all labeled with different subjects:
    – History
    – Famous People
    – Music
    – Movies
    – Geography 
    – General Knowledge

    We tossed a coin heads or tails to see which team would start first.
    The first team would pick an envelope from the white board, each team had a designated leader. There would be 10 questions in each envelope on that particular subject.

    The team could discuss the answer they thought were the right ones between them and then their designated leader would call out the answer.
    If the answer was incorrect then the other team could have a go at answering the same question.

    Each correct answer scored one point. When all six envelopes were finished the team with the most points was declared the winners and they were presented with a trophy that sat in the facilities foyer for all to see. 

    It was always a good challenge and competitive with the facility Manager, Chaplain and other staff making up a team. The winners every time we played the quiz challenge were the residents, they remained undefeated making them feel very proud.

    A very worthwhile activity to run every few weeks between the general quiz morning.

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