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    Memory Lane Therapy presents a fun-filled Betty White Day for your seniors! Relive classic moments, share favorite Golden Girls stories, and embrace the joy of laughter and friendship. This activity is sure to bring smiles and spark happy memories.

    When to Celebrate?

    Celebrate the legendary icon on her birthday, January 17th! Whether you share a love for her iconic roles like Sue Ann Nivens on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” or her hilarious stint on “Saturday Night Live,” this is a day to remember her wit and enduring charm. Let’s raise a glass (or a mocktail!) and plan some fun activities to honor America’s golden girl.

    an image of Betty white

    Ideas for a Betty White birthday celebration

    Ditch the notes as we give you a list of ideas for your next Betty White Birthday Celebration in Aged Care! Here are some of the few things you can implement:

    1. Betty White-Themed Decorations

    Let’s make it Golden!

    Decorate the dining room with gold and white metallic balloons and table decorations. Print out a few photos of Betty and the Golden Girls and place them around the room.

    white balloons and metallic gold decorations for the betty white themed event
    metallic and white balloons and other table decorations
    betty white banner

    2. Dress Up for Betty White Day!

    Encourage four staff to dress up as the Golden Girls for a fun afternoon tea or morning tea as Rose, Dorothy, Blanche & Sophia.

    staff dressed up as the Golden Girls
    women dressed up as betty white and the golden girls

    3. Run a Betty White Quiz!

    We have prepared a themed quiz for your senior’s event. Check it out and test your seniors’ knowledge about the celebrity’s life!

    an image of Betty White and the golden girls

    4. Play Some Betty White Themed Music!

    Music is a great way to bring back memories! Play the theme song from the Golden Girls, “Thank you for being a friend” at the beginning and the end of your sit-com theme day.

    5. Cheesecake

    “Let’s slice this baby up and see if we can solve our problems” “It’s always time for cheesecake!”

    The Golden Girls loved Cheesecake! and would always end the show with a slice around the kitchen table. Use all the best China and cake plates and serve cheesecake the Golden Girls favorite dessert with coffee and tea.

    A slice of cheesecake

    6. Discussions

    Encourage everyone to talk about golden moments in their lives.

    Research and talk about all the wonderful charities the legend supported in her life to do with animals and wildlife.

    elderly people discussing about Betty white

    7. Watch an Episode of The Golden Girls

    Wrap up the afternoon with a delightful shared experience! Gather your fellow fans and settle in for a classic episode (or two!) of “The Golden Girls.” Laughter, heartwarming moments, and a touch of nostalgia are guaranteed to be the perfect way to end your Betty White birthday celebration.

    the golden girls

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