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    Seniors love animals, they have likely grown up with a family pet or have fond memories of going to the Zoo or a farm when they were younger. Enjoy this quiz during your activity time and have some fun reminiscing conversations around the animals mentioned. 

    1. What type of animal is a Chihuahua?
    (A) A small Mexican dog with large eyes

    2. What type of animal is a Clydesdale?
    (A) A Scottish breed of draught horse

    3. Name two large flightless birds?
    (A) Ostrich from Africa, Kiwis from New Zealand, Emu & Cassowaries from Australia

    4. What two continents do Elephants come from?
    (A) Africa & Asia

    5. What animal has a breed called the Ragdoll?
    (A) It is a cat with striking blue eyes with a silky soft semi long-haired coat

    6. What breed of dog was the famous on-screen Lassie in the movies?
    (A) Collie dog

    7. Try to guess what animal was named “Brown Bessie”?
    (A) Bessie was a famous Jersey cow known for producing up to 18kg or (40 lb) of milk a day for 5 months and made 1.3 kg or (3 lb) of butter a day recorded at the Chicago World Fair dairy test

    8. This famous racehorse failed and lost his four first races, he went on to win three Melbourne Cups and won 32 of his 35 races what was his name?
    (A) Phar Lap 
    9. What type of mammal is warm-blooded, air-breathing, and called a Hump Back?
    (A) A Whale

    10. What type of farm animal is called a Nudie or a Dorper?
    (A) A sheep that sheds its own wool

    11. What large breed of dog was known as a guide dog between Switzerland & Italy in the snow and can be pictured with a wooden barrel around its neck containing brandy?
    (A) Saint Bernard

    12. What is a Bantam?
    (A) A small breed of chicken

    13. How many eggs can a chicken lay a year?
    (A) Up to 250 eggs per year

    14. How many days does it take to hatch chicken eggs?
    (A) 21 days

    15. How long does a dog carry puppies before they are born?
    (A) 57-65 days

    16. How long does a horse carry a foal before it is born?
    (A) 11 months

    17. How long is an elephant pregnant for before she gives birth?
    (A) nearly 2 years

    18. What is a large group of fish called?
    (A) A school

    A group of lions is called a?
    (A) Pride

    How many eggs does an Emperor penguin lay at a time?
    (A) One

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