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    Embrace the vibrancy of Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, and share in the magic with seniors in aged care from February 10th to 25th.

    The date does vary each year, influenced by the lunar calendar, this year in 2024 Chinese New Year will fall on Saturday, February 10. In this article, we share loads of great ideas and resources to enhance your big event in aged care.

    Don’t forget to download our printer-friendly guide which can be found on the link at the bottom of this page.

    The upcoming year, 2024, welcomes the spirited Dragon, followed by the Snake in 2025, the Horse in 2026, and the gentle Goat in 2027. Festivities extend over 15 days, offering a splendid opportunity for our seniors to revel in the rich culture of Chinese traditions

    Decorating your Space in Aged Care

    Transform your activity or dining room into a sea of festive red with captivating Chinese decorations. Engage your craft group in the creation of paper Chinese lanterns.

    Easy to craft paper Chinese Lanterns perfect for Chinese New Year Celebration!
    A perfect way to make our beloved seniors feel the Chinese New Year in Aged Care Facilities

    Elevate the ambiance by setting tables with red cloths adorned with golden accessories, creating a visual feast that resonates with the spirit of the festival.

    You can try decorating the space with Chinese Lanterns and set tables with red cloths.
    You can also print and customize a Chinese New Year table mat with a lucky envelope for each guest.

    Prepare a playlist of soothing traditional Chinese music, seniors in care will love the sensory stimulation that music provides creating a festive atmosphere. Here is a suggested Traditional Chinese New Year Music you can play!

    Serving Delicious Chinese Cuisine in Aged Care

    Encourage the kitchen to craft an authentic menu featuring spring rolls, prawn crackers, dumplings, fried rice, and savory sweet and sour chicken or pork. As a delightful touch, introduce the seniors to the invention of fried ice cream, believed to originate from ancient China.

    Savor the Chinese New Year with a delectable chicken or pork noodles and fried rice.
    Chinese New Year isn’t complete without their best-tasting dumplings!

    Conclude the feast with fortune cookies, spreading good fortune and sweet moments.

    Chopsticks Challenge for Seniors

    Add an element of amusement with a chopsticks challenge—a game where participants skillfully pick up lollies one by one and transfer them to another bowl. This lively activity not only fosters dexterity but also guarantees smiles and laughter.

    Host our Chinese Quiz for Seniors

    Stimulate the mind with a Chinese quiz, testing everyone’s knowledge about the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. Here is a quiz we have prepared for you. Click the button below to open the Chinese New Year Quiz.

    Host some Vibrant Chinese Traditions

    A traditional Chinese dance performance is a great idea, you may find a performance group in your city that can come and perform live in your center, if not you can always present it on the big screen. Check out the video below for a Chinese Dance Performance reference.

    A Chinese dragon dance performed in an aged care facility.
    Chinese performers dance a traditional Chinese dance.

    Lucky Envelopes

    Embrace the tradition of red envelopes, an integral part of Chinese New Year. Gift each participant an envelope adorned with a dragon sticker, symbolizing the approaching Year of the Dragon. Fill these envelopes with foil-covered chocolate coins, heralding good fortune and spreading joy throughout the community.

    Lucky envelopes on the table could be another way to make our beloved seniors the celebration.

    In this Chinese New Year extravaganza, let the rich traditions and festivities bring a wave of joy, connection, and cultural enrichment to your aged care community.

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