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    A fun way to celebrate this cultural day is to have a quiz, enjoy this Chinese new year quiz during activity time in aged care.

    A Printable A4 version of the quiz can be found at the bottom of this page.

    The most popular sport in China using a table, bats, and a small ball is called?
    (A) Ping Pong

    What is the capital of China?
    (A) Beijing

    When you receive a red envelope as a gift from a Chinese person what will be inside the envelope?
    (A) Money 

    The official language in China is? Hint starts with M
    (A) Mandarin 

    True or false fortune cookies originally were made in America by Chinese immigrants?
    (A) True 

    This Chinese New Year 2023 what is this year’s animal in the Chinese zodiac?
    (A) Rabbit

    The ancient trade route between east and west was known as? Hint some type of road
    (A) Silk Road

    Which influential Chinese thinker had a great impact on Chinese society?
    (A) Confucius

    The Peoples Republic of China is governed by which political party?
    (A) Communist Party 

    Which famous martial art instructor and movie star born in America to Chinese parents and grew up in Hong Kong made movies such as “Enter the Dragon” and “Way of the Dragon”  he died at 32 years old?
    (A) Bruce Lee 

    How long is the Great Wall of China?
    (A) 21,196 kilometers or 13,170 miles long. (Fact – It is 6 to 7 meters high and 14 meters high at the tallest point, It would take a fit person around 18 months to walk the length of the wall.)

    The largest palace in the world an Imperial Palace is in Beijing China the total area covers 720,000 square meters or 7,750,000 square feet what is it called? Hint it’s known as a city
    (A) Forbidden City 

    A Chinese medical procedure using needles being inserted into the patient is known as?
    (A) Acupuncture 

    A gentle exercise routine mostly done together in the mornings in China at parks and open areas is known as?
    (A) Tai Chi

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