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The Nursery Rhyme Quiz

How long since your senior residents thought about or said a nursery rhyme? This will get everyone thinking back. Encourage everyone to say the rhymes through from beginning to end after every question. It’s Lots of fun!

Similes Quiz

Another great conversation starting quiz that your Senior residents will enjoy. These are the similes they learned in school so this is a great way to help keep minds active and healthy.

A Collection of Quiz

Lets get our Seniors all involved in answering these collection examples, quizzes like this are great to keep minds active and involved in verbal communication with the rest of the community. You can start by saying the first line and go around the room asking your group to shout out the answers.

Occupation Quiz

Quizzes are an important part of your therapy program, as they help to keep older minds active and healthy. This is a great question and answer quiz that I used for many years, it was always allot of fun and had my senior groups entertained and engaged in conversation. All the questions and answers are below, […]

Men’s Club

I’m often asked what to do at Men’s Club. First of all, I always ran our Men’s Club one afternoon a week. We meet in an area reserved for the men. Beers, wine , cool drinks & snacks are supplied. If available I would invite a gentleman from the community to be a guest speaker, […]