Welcome to a journey through the charming streets of France, right from the comfort of your aged care facility! Our comprehensive guide to Armchair Travel to France is designed to assist activity coordinators in creating engaging and immersive experiences for seniors.

    From exploring the iconic landmarks of Paris to savoring the culinary delights of Provence, this guide offers a step-by-step approach to hosting memorable Armchair Travel sessions.

    Designed with the unique needs of aged care facilities in mind, our guide offers practical tips and creative ideas to ensure that every Armchair Travel session is a resounding success.

    As a premium member, you’ll gain access to a wealth of special resources to enhance your Armchair Travel sessions. Download quizzes to test your seniors’ knowledge of French culture, fact files to deepen their understanding of the country, and cutouts to create immersive decorations for your event.

    Join us on a virtual voyage to France and unlock the power of Armchair Travel to create meaningful connections, foster engagement, and cultivate a sense of adventure among seniors in aged care.

    Planning the Experience:

    Pick a Date & Promote the Session for Optimal Attendance: First things first, let’s pick a date that works best for everyone! Also, spread the word beforehand using eye-catching posters or flyers around the facility or neighborhood. You can even make a casual announcement, drumming up some excitement with a friendly, “Are you ready to explore the wonders of France?” Here’s an invitation card you can print at the bottom of this page!

    Arrange a Cozy Space with a Large TV for the Event: Make your place feel like a fancy place for kings and queens! Find a good spot and put comfy chairs around a big TV, like a small movie place. Imagine you’re in a warm French house, getting ready to explore the beauty of France.

    Print Passports and Boarding Passes to Add a Playful Touch: To enhance the excitement, print out customized boarding passes and passports. Seniors will love to have that printed passport in their hands and see the stamp as you put it in.

    Get Creative with Decorations—Consider Bunting Flags, Fabric Awnings, and More: Decorate with colorful bunting flags and fabric awnings to create a cheerful atmosphere. Envision French flags fluttering alongside delightful lavender fields, all against the backdrop of picturesque French landscapes. Enhance the ambiance with images of iconic French landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Palace of Versailles to capture the essence of France.

    Indulge in French Delicacies: Treat your attendees to the flavors of France with classic dishes like French Onion Soup, Jambon-beurre, and Cassoulet. Delight their taste buds with the rich and comforting flavors of onion soup, the simplicity of a ham and butter baguette sandwich, and the hearty goodness of a traditional cassoulet. These iconic French dishes will transport your guests to the charming cafes and bistros of France, offering a culinary journey they won’t soon forget.

    France Session Program:

    A printable A4 version of this step-by-step program is found in our premium membership download at the bottom of this page.

    Follow our Step-by-Step Sample program for a successful Armchair Travel event:

    1. Welcome

    Set the atmosphere with French Folk Music as guests arrive. As they walk through the door, let’s give them a warm welcome and have a staff hand them the passport with their names already on it.

    image credit: Regis Aged Care

    Seat residents comfortably. Have a staff member go around to each table and glue the stamps into the passports. (Stamps provided in our printable kit) To spice things up, dress the volunteers and the staff as airplane/ship crew for a more realistic experience!

    Duration: 5 – 15 minutes

    2. Introduction

    Engage residents by asking what they know about France. Ask them basic questions such as the color of the flag, nationality and the national anthem, the continent, famous personalities, and other general knowledge about France.

    image credit: The Courtyard at Wheelersburg

    Duration: 20 – 30 minutes

    3. Refreshments

    Transform your event with French-inspired beverages like Café Au Lait, Diabolo Menthe, and Citron Pressé. These non-alcoholic delights will add a touch of authenticity and refreshment to your Armchair Travel experience to France. Picture seniors enjoying a steaming cup of Café Au Lait, sipping on the refreshing taste of Diabolo Menthe, or relishing the zesty flavor of Citron Pressé as they immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and charm of France.

    Duration: 5 – 10 minutes

    4. Quiz & Trivia

    Conduct a French Quiz and share interesting trivia. You can implement the quiz provided or customize your quiz based on the level of your beloved seniors. You may also share the trivia inside the resources file and download it for easier access.

    The French Quiz can be accessed by clicking the image or button below!

    Duration: 30 – 40 minutes

    5. Show some captivating videos of France

    This can be shown on the big TV or projector screen during the travel experience. Explore the 10 Best Places to Visit in France and the charming countryside. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of French landmarks and landscapes. Let your imagination soar as you embark on this virtual journey!

    Duration: 15 minutes

    6. Dancing Demonstration

    Introduce French Folk dancing by presenting the videos below:

    Duration: 30 minutes

    7. Share Experiences

    Invite residents who’ve visited France to share their memories. Form a big circle and let every one of them speak and share their core experiences with France. You can formulate your own or use the provided template for a more organized sharing.

    • My most memorable experience in France is/are _____
    • What I like about France is/are _____
    • What makes France unique is ______
    • The people from France are _______
    • If I get the chance to travel back to France again, I would ______

    Duration: 10 – 15 minutes

    8. The Beauty of France

    Watch short, engaging videos covering France’s cities, railways, and French delicacies. Immerse yourself in the beauty of France from every angle and perspective.

    Duration: 30 minutes

    9. Culinary Delights

    Indulge your residents in a delightful taste of France! Our chef has curated a menu bursting with delectable dishes inspired by French tradition. You can experiment with cooking two or three of these recipes. Watch these recipe videos for inspiration!

    Duration: 20 – 30 minutes

    10. Closing

    Discuss the next travel destination and express gratitude, or you may extend the session with additional activities or conclude with a French Theme Day event.

    Duration: 10 minutes or less

    Extending the Experience:

    • Wind down the event with a relaxing coloring activity featuring French-themed designs. (Coloring pages are available in the printable resources file) Provide coloring sheets and pencils, allowing residents to express their creativity and unwind after their virtual journey.
    • Keep the French spirit alive by presenting them with Iconic People from France, whose contributions have left an indelible mark on history, culture, and society.

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of France with our Armchair Travel experience, where every moment is filled with elegance, charm, and the spirit of hospitality. Join us on a journey and make unforgettable memories that will endure forever!

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