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    Welcome activity coordinators and seniors to our French-themed quiz! Test your knowledge of France with these fun and engaging questions. Whether you’re an expert on French culture or just curious to learn more, this quiz is perfect for a lively activity session. Challenge your residents with questions about the capital of France, famous landmarks, delicious cuisine, and iconic figures from French history. Let’s embark on a journey to France and see how much we know about this beautiful country. Get ready to have some fun and learn something new!

    There is an A4 printable version of the quiz found via the link at the bottom of this page.

    Ready? Answer the Quiz Now!

    1. What is the capital of France? (A) Paris
    2. Name the longest river in France? (A) The Loire
    3. What is the “Tour de France”? (A) A bicycle race
    4. Name the Gothic building where Quasimodo also known as the Hunchback Of Notre Dame was said to stay and be the bell ringer? (A) Notre Dame Cathedral
    5. What is a French policeman called? (A) Gendarme
    6. Name the bungling French inspector from the “Pink Panther”? (A) Inspector Clousseau
    7. Which area of France had the beach D-day landings in 1944? (A) Normandy
    8. Name the monument in Paris that stands 324 m (1063 ft) high? (A) Eiffel Tower
    9. What name is given to the national day of France on July 14th every year? (A) Bastille Day
    10. What type of food are escargots? (A) Snails
    11. What type of legs are very popular in French restaurants? (A) Frogs legs
    12. Name the French museum where you can view the famous painting “Mona Lisa”? (A) Louvre
    13. Who painted the Mona Lisa? (A) Leonardo da Vinci
    14. Camembert, Boursin, and Brie are all types of which popular food? (A) Cheese
    15. Which French astrologer and physician born over 500 years ago was known for his accurate and future predictions for the world? (A) Nostradamus

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    Download your printable PDF copy of French Quiz for Seniors in Aged Care